"About Desire Clothing"Hello lovelies!

My name is Claire, an urban fashionista and the wordsmith behind Desire Clothing, a fascinating read for all gals looking for inspiration and relevant advice in a world where trends emerge and perish in a fast-forward cycle of color and glitz.

As any blogger will tell you, I don’t pretend to have a flawless body, nor do I have a huge pool of money that never runs dry. I’m a real woman, with a real life budget, and an enthusiastic desire to explore every tidbit of fashion and share with you guys what I’ve learned along the way. I want to be there for women who admire models, style icons and celebs, hoping to be able to recreate those looks while injecting their own personality into it, hoping to ooze the same confidence free of the disturbing illusion of perfection. Nothing should stand between you and the ideal look, regardless of your height, size…or the economy.

I have plenty of tips and tricks up my virtual sleeve and I’ll give you access to all of them because I want you to craft your own sense of style, extend the life of your wardrobe, spend smartly and without regrets and learn how to build something exquisite based on what you already own. This is not a blog with subliminal messages of mindless shopping and hidden marketing, but a blog that will teach you how to score great looks, how to solve style malfunctions and how to use an arsenal of easy-to-implement tips to your advantage.

Do you want to get your sartorial act together and amp up your style game? Do you want your stuff to look expensive? Sure you do and I’ll show you how! Fashion is supposed to be fun and it’s high time you let go of negativity and embrace the possibilities that fashion throws at you. “I CAN wear that”. “This CAN suit me”. “I CAN fit into this”. I will address the issues every woman can relate to and will reveal easy ways to fix them.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the same things that apply to some, but not to you. I know you’re sick of the same tired advice that doesn’t speak to you, your particularities and current trends. And I bet you often read stuff hoping to improve your look only to be left clueless, upset or confused.

I will come up with interesting and exciting information on fashion and lifestyle, and keep you curious and motivated to come back for more. I intend to make this blog an utter treat for you ladies, and give you plenty of reasons to earn Desire Clothing a dedicated following. So do subscribe if you want instant access to the new posts I write. No spam will see the face of your inbox, I promise! I also invite you to contact me with any questions you might have and I’ll try my best to give you a timely and comprehensive answer. Don’t be shy, I’m super approachable!