Ball Dresses – Be the belle of the ball with the perfect dress!


sually there is a wide range of selection when it comes to buying Ball Dresses which often leaves us feeling a bit daunted and maybe not knowing quite where to start. If you are currently looking for a ball dress for a specific occasion or event then it is worth considering a few important facts before you start your frantic mission in search of the perfect gown.

"Ball Dresses"With so many different styles and designs available it’s always a good place to start with the occasion and what is considered to be suitable attire for that specific event! Once the occasion is established then focus your attention on a suitable gown ‘within that occasion’ that will flatter your body shape the most. Most people know what shape of body they have and therefore know what looks best on them but if you are unsure you could always pop into a dress store and try on some different designs and maybe ask for some assistance. As well as finding something that will complement your shape remember to also consider the fit of the design because strapless for example, if badly fitted will leave you feeling uncomfortable for most of the night if you constantly have to tug and pull at it to keep it up! Also, consider what is appropriate for the occasion and this relates to shades as well as styles and opt for something that compliments your skin tone and fits in nicely with the dress code criteria.

Most ball gowns are worn to formal events with some being semi-Formal and the invitation usually holds the key to the dress code and what is considered to be appropriate, so remember to look carefully! And if you are still unsure you could always ask another guest what kind of look they will be going for.

And finally a very important factor to consider is your budget because with ball dresses the budget holds no limits and can be anything from pre-loved bottom of the scale affordability dresses right up to designer boutique ranges. Keep the budget realistic and avoid looking at ball gowns that are so far out of reach and you will be sure to avoid any disappointment.

Get the basics right and the rest is easy!

So, let’s explore your options:

  • Balls gowns are available in many different designs and when it comes to shopping you have a choice of either exploring the designs or exploring the occasions, for example you could search for Vintage, elegant, A-line, Sheath, Strapless, Ballerina or empire waists which are all credible ball gown designs or search for occasions such as weddings, proms, masquerade balls or formal ball events.

  • A-line dresses are the perfect choices for women who desire a luxury look and feel and great for women who do not have ‘the perfect figure’. The design will flatter all shapes with its lovely fitted bodice and accentuating flared out skirt which creates a lovely A-line at the bottom. These particular designs vary in price but are often considered to be higher end of the budget. They are great for event such as masked balls, proms and formal dinners and will compliment the ‘Petite bride’ beautifully.

  • Empire waist dresses are the perfect choice for women who tend carry weight around their mid sections and are an absolute must -have for pregnant women. The design is characterized by a fitted bust area with free-flowing fabric that falls in a very soft and gathered way. They are extremely light, feminine and pretty and the material is often chiffon. These dresses will conceal tummies and offer a comforting elegance instead. Price ranges vary but affordable options in this design are within easy reach. People tend to opt for pastels or darker shades of this particular ball gown but this depends on the occasion, varying styles will be ideal for anything from weddings to dinner dates and they do not always have to be formal.

  • Sheath dresses are extremely glamorous options; they are sexy figure hugging and eye catching. Think celebrities at a Red carpet event! Most designs will feature a side or back split to enable these curvylicious designs to be more practical! Designs will vary and you can opt for long sleeve, bustier or strappy. For full on formal glam the floor-length options will offer the most luxurious results. Again budget depends on the quality here, there are many affordable choices out there but for a quality one the designer versions could set you back a few grand! Velvet, silk and satin tends to be the most expensive as is often a choice of fabric favored by known designers when making these marvelous dresses. There are cheaper versions available though and some do offer a glamorous look for an unbelievable price!

  • Ballerina dresses are every girls dream, think princess! They are classically beautiful often situated with a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice complemented by an immense gathering of fabric to a fuller A-line skirt. They do suit all shapes of women and are known as the ultimate princess ball gown dresses which could be your perfect choice for a prom or maybe a masquerade ball. They can be expensive but dresses like these are often only ever worn once so it may be a good idea to check out the auction sites to try and grab a bargain!

With all the options mentioned above the designs for each vary and it comes down to personal choice and taste when deciding. Strapless options are the most flattering but the fit is extremely important as you want to feel nice a snug in it! I would recommend a sleeveless for more mature women as they offer a more conservative approach, they are usually held up by straps and a shrug or wrap can be added for full on lady like glamour. Sheath Prom Dresses offer a wide choice of strapless designs so just because we mention mature, we don’t mean boring at all!

Remember girls, Cinderella can go to the ball without a fairy godmother as a little knowledge and know-how is the key to success!