Bodycon Dresses – Figure hugging dresses for confident women.


he best alternatives to Pencil Dresses are bodycon dresses. Again they are figure hugging, feminine and sexy but maybe not as comfy, but let’s not forget! Every person is different regarding comfort in clothing, and this depends on your personal pain threshold! Some women love to feel like everything is held in nice and tight to give a smooth silhouette whereas others just cannot tolerate that uncomfortable feeling. Underwear is the most important factor when it comes to pulling off a great look in a bodycon dress, make sure it smoothes out everything to perfection.

"Bodycon Dresses"The bodycon trend has grown in popularity over the years, and the trend is still a huge hit on catwalks as well as high streets. These dresses are known for being figure-hugging that tend to stick tightly to curves, and so body confidence is a must have to pull off wearing one of those. Most girls are often filled with dread at the thought of wearing something so tight; nonetheless, you’d be bewildered how flattering these dresses are, mostly when you follow all the hints that can only give nothing other than a fantastic figure.

Accessorizing the dress to make the most of your actual shape is the key, play around with different ideas to create the correct balance which will ultimately give you the most flattering look. Try teaming your dress with a cropped blazer or sexy leather if you want to rock it up or some pumps and a cardigan for a casual day look.

Tones and shades are also crucial. No matter what your dimensions, darker shades will always have the propensity to flatter the figure more than brighter colors. Chunky necklaces, shiny shoes, and handbags are another way of adding splashes of color to darker tones, so these do not have to be boring choices.

Whatever you decide always remember that a bodycon dress must be worn with confidence. They are playful and flirty, and you are going to stand out, so you may as well make the most of it! Correct underwear, right tones, and cleverly placed accessories will only ensure that you stand out in the best way that you can.

For inspiration on how to style your look in them try looking through magazines and on the internet. Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole rock this trend beautifully.