Chiffon Dresses – Classy dresses suitable for all seasons.


hiffon dresses are characterized by their soft, feminine flowy fabric, some are dressy, some casual and some are super sexy!

"Chiffon Dresses"Vintage chiffon, made famous by trendy celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Sadie Frost offers a bohemian cool vibe. It’s seen in many different styles, crochet bibs situated around the neckline is a fine example. Floral chiffons are also considered to be very vintage looking. For spring/summer wear those with cute strappy sandals and for Autumn/Winter team them with thick woolly tights, knee-boots and trench coats for a super duper retro elegance.

Ruched sheath chiffon, are amazing summer choices teamed with cool gladiator sandals but yet again can be transformed into winter rock chic with faux leathers or real if you wish! And studded ankle boots which are right on trend.

A casual chiffon dress is generally cool enough for day wear but not quite dressy enough for evening wear. Vintage, bohemian, string tied at the back and drop waist chiffons are all perfect choice for day wear. All options of daywear chiffon can be worn from season to season with good layering.

For Weddings opt for embellishment such as beading and sequined busts to accentuate curves. Ruching around the waist with flowing skirts will help achieve slimmer physiques. When shopping for wedding chiffon dresses remember that you are trying to create sophisticated demure look for days whilst probably wanting a relaxed feel to party the night away. You can go for flirty and flowy with silks if you wish as they can be toned done with shrugs and cardigans for daywear but ideally transformed into something else when it’s time to hit the dance floor later on!

Wedding Chiffons are not just for guests! Brides and bridesmaids look stunning in them too and they are incredibly fashionable these days. Their new found popularity probably relates to the fact that they are light and soft, they smooth across the body elegantly and they emphasize the female form beautifully. Brides can create a very romantic and dreamy appearance in chiffon wedding dresses and let’s not forget; this is going to be the best day of your life as well as the most stressful and in chiffon at least you will feel more comfortable!

Bridesmaids have the choice of knee-length flirty flowy chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses that look incredibly cute and what’s great is that you can look and feel fabulous but there is no worry of upstaging the bride. Another option would be to opt for a chiffon maxi dress but if you do, i recommend keeping the colors far away from the bride’s shade of dress as possible; No creams or whites! But greens, pinks and purples are fabulous choices instead.