Clubbing Dresses – Careful selection for daring moves.


irls, as much as we all love clubbing dresses, because they hold no boundaries, remember that you can ‘flash the flesh’ just try to make sure that you’ve not got it all on show. It’s never a good look when you spot girls that are standing out for all the wrong reasons is it? It’s definitely something that we must try to avoid. By all means wear a sexy club dress but try to retain a bit of self worth and modesty as the situation can only become worse on exit from the club and I think we can all relate to this when we have had a few too many drinks.

"Clubbing Dresses"Where to begin? Focus on your best assets girls! If you have great legs then show them off but tone down the cleavage area. Of course if you have a great cleavage, “You’ve got it! Flaunt it!” just as long as you’re not wearing an ultra mini at the same time. Too much on show gives the game away and the key is to let the imagination strive without a free lottery ticket.

You must take into consideration the time of year and of course the weather, summer club dresses are best worn in summer and winter ones in winter. If you do have a fabulous summer dress that you like to wear all year round, then go for it! Just remember to tone it down to suit the temperature. A dress worn with tights can make it more suitable for winter or cooler nights. Also girls, add a jacket or blazer if it’s freezing out because there is nothing worse than seeing girls shivering their way to the clubs, it’s not a good look! Only expect to be getting glances left right and centre for people fearing you are going to catch your death.

I cannot stress this enough, wear a dress that is designed to suit your body shape. Do not try and squeeze into anything that is too tight for you because you think it looks sexy, it doesn’t! If you have a perfect body, and in the real world not everyone does! Fine you can wear tight dresses but if not then wear what looks good on you. Tight doesn’t always mean sexy! Do not try and compete with other girls. Wear a dress that will enhance you best features. It may be that that girl with the perfect body would look hideous in your dress anyway. When a girl has confidence and is comfortable within, it shows. It’s not the dresses that will make you look sexy, it’s you! The ones who are wearing them, the way you walk, the way you hold yourself and more importantly the way you behave. Be proud of what you have and present an attitude of “hey, this is me and I feel great!”

One of my pet hates is to see a girl who looks absolutely stunning in her clubbing dress only to be let down by her shoes. She cannot walk in those towering heals, they are killing her, I can see the pain in her eyes. Girls why bother? You know full well, that at the end of night you’re going to end up walking bare feet along the pavement with shoes in hand anyway. What a waste of effort? Your poor feet will more than likely be suffering the next day more than your head! And if you have ended up walking bare feet along the street think yourself lucky, it could have been an A&E visit! Instead if cannot do heals for clubbing then don’t, go for a wedge shoe instead, they still look great with clubbing dresses, they still manage to create the illusion of longer pins and I’m sure you r feet will thank you for it, the next day.

Ok, well what to wear then?

Petite girls always look great in Mini dresses but if you’re a tall girl that loves a mini dress too then opt for one that has long sleeves for a classier look on you.

High and low hem lines are the newest trend this season. With these dresses the hem line rises above the knee at the front but gradually lowers at the back. What a great idea, whoever invented that one! We can almost tease a glance at what we have got but without revealing too much, Very clever, very classy, I like that!

Bustier and strapless dresses are great for bigger busts, not so great for smaller ones though! You will only end up fidgeting with them all night long possibly trying to adjust your chicken fillets! Forget it girls there is plenty more options out there for you! But for those who can, if worn with a fitted jacket before the clubs they will easily take you from bar to club in a very stylish and classy manner.

Are you a bit of a rock chick? Then rock it up with trendy t-shirt style dresses, they usually hang loosely on one shoulder and offer funky printed designs. Very cool, very comfy! Try adding chunky accessories to make a bold statement.

Ruffles, ruffles oh how we love you! Why? Because they draw attention to other areas of the body, make sure it’s the areas you want the focus to be on! One Shoulder Dresses specially one with ruffles draws attention to those very sexy arms of yours and let’s face it, people can stare at arms all day long, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Having a fat day? I’m sorry to have to put it to you like that girls, but we all have them! For ‘Fat days’ puffball dresses are you best friend. They hide tums and bums! Hooray! Feel comfortable and relaxed and not self conscious on the dance floor, and ultimately have a better night!

Right then, so where are we going?