Cocktail Dresses – Selecting the right one.


ocktail dresses are elegant dresses suitable for formal or social occasions. They can also be worn for semi-formal, casual and of course cocktail parties. They are normally shorter in length about to the knee.

"Cocktail Dresses"Basically any dress that is shorter than a full-length gown but longer than a mini dress could be considered a cocktail dress. The only occasion that wouldn’t be considered acceptable to wear such dress would be to a white tie formal event, where a floor-length elegant dress or ball gown is often preferred.

Some are dressier than others and choosing a particular design will depend on the actual occasion. For sit down dinners or cocktail parties it is probably best to opt for a more dressier design but if it’s a night out with friends you may want to feel more relaxed and go for a casual dress. For fun and modern dresses you may want to consider searching party wear perhaps. Try and avoid basic work wear as suitable Going Out Dresses because they can be quite boring unless you are super stylish at work.

They are available in many different styles, designs and colors. For summer dresses bright and cheerful designs and shades will work best, they look cool and summery for warmer evenings on the town. During chillier months the richer darker shades add a classier vibe and by opting for a heavier fabric, may even keep you warmer too. For formal cocktail parties or occasions it is always best to avoid bright colors or loud patterns as black, navy blues and greys offer a more sophisticated approach. On the other hand semi-formal occasions are lesser strict with regards to dress codes and it would be acceptable to choose creams, beiges or any lighter shades you like, if you wish. Floral patterns and delicate detailing will also be acceptable attire for semi-formal events. For a fun night out with friends your options are open with regards to choosing a cocktail dress, it is probably better to avoid the formal dresses and opt for something more lively. Any color bright, light or dark is acceptable funky and edgy designs will add interest.

The classic of all cocktail dresses is without a doubt the Little Black Dress or otherwise known as LBD. Little black dresses never fail to let us down. If in doubt be sure to know that little black dresses will work! Because they are so versatile and easy to wear and can be styled anyway you like, these dresses have always managed to maintain their popularity. Little black dresses are not a trend, more like an iconic wardrobe must-have item and they will never go out of fashion. They can look extremely sophisticated and demure but also funky and fun if you like. Accessorizing is the key to changing your look in many different ways and a particular dress can be worn to many different events and still be considered suitable.

Of course these are not always dresses suitable for only going out, they are also available in a tailored range, which is very popular. Perfect for work wear and very stylish, they could leave you feeling ultra chic and fashionable in the office. Elegant ranges are also perfect for those who like to hit the bars straight after work and will easily take you from day to night, Sometimes accessorizing your work wear will transform your look to enable you to do so.

Finding the perfect cocktail dress is not a difficult task; think about the occasion before deciding on the dress. These dresses are designed for many different occasions. Do you want to buy something amazing and fabulous as a one off? Or would you prefer value for money and buy a dress that can be worn many times over?