Creepers Shoes – A statement trend.


ithout a doubt Creepers shoes are a statement trend, those chunky platform soled masterpieces are out there when it comes to mainstream British fashion and although not everyone’s cup of tea retailers alike are going ahead with this one! So suspect to see them everywhere anytime soon!

"Creepers Shoes"Originated from punk heritage and the 1950’s rockabilly trend creepers shoes have been around before in fact these platform shoes have been a classic for generations but tend to fluctuate in and out of fashion and whether you love or loathe this style of shoe one thing’s for sure they are and always be a part of iconic British history. If you were to investigate further back than this you would discover how unusual the first existence of the creeper shoe really was because believe it or not it first saw the light of day during the time of world war II where soldiers used to wear them for battle, after the war ended they took them home and began to wear them during their daily lives, it really is quite a fascinating story when researched!

Rock stars and rock bands which are closely followed by adoring fans were quick to set the mark for the this trend, back in the day this style of shoe was popularized among many famous artists and bands and the trend although gone in to remission for a while remained a popular choice for many. Followers of the pop and rock culture tend to admire their icons and then imitate their style of fashion thus evolving this trend to a much larger scale.

The infamous creeper shoe is characterized by its notable appearance and early versions were all pretty much identical with rugged suede fabric to the shoe and chunky thick crepe soles. Still available today these distinctive sought after styles can be purchased from brands such as the British Boot Company or the Underground England shoe; both are reputable companies that produce excellent creepers shoes!

Nowadays they have moved along with modern times with many variations of this classic trend being created to make them much more wearable and trendy for modern day society. Like with many other come back trends, the principal remains the same but the style has been updated! Creeper shoes are without a doubt great statement trend for savvy fashion followers and with these newer, interesting and creative designs it allows the trend setter to create their own unique look and one thing’s for certain, if you step out in these shoes you are sure to get noticed!

Ok so are you considering giving this trend a go or still not convinced maybe, hmm!

Well one thing’s for sure you are not going to get away from it, let me promise you of that! Over the next few months expect to see these chunky soled platform shoes all over our high streets, in very store you walk into, online and on passersby because they are making a huge comeback this season and if not totally convinced as of yet, what’s the betting in a couple of months time and after having them virtually thrown in our faces, you may well just have a change of heart! We will see!

It could be that the thought of wearing these big and bold numbers fills you with absolute dread, maybe you are thinking that this Indi rock style of street wear is not a look that fits your personal style or maybe you just don’t know how the hell you would wear a pair of creeper shoes! Well with newer modern designs hitting our stores right now it enables trendsetters to set their own mark with this statement trend. Designs nowadays are not only restricted for the rock chic grunge types who know how to make them look super cool, in fact some designs are so different from the originals that there is a good chance that you wouldn’t even consider it to be a creeper shoe! Having said that it’s concept remains the same and if you look closely to a design you will realize its trait but with this range of newer modern variations it enables the this trend to be much more accessible to a much wider audience.

How can girls make a creeper shoe look cool?

Especially since they are not exactly what you call feminine (although there are girly versions out there now!) but for those who want to follow this trend to classic perfection and fit it into modern day society, how do we do that? Well, let me begin by firstly pointing out the fact that a trendy girls style these days has changed heaps, its already steering towards a more edgy kind of vibe now because girls do not always wear dresses with shoes or boots anymore but instead will rock out a dress with a fabulous pair of pumps (usually converse or vans!) and a cropped biker leather jacket to complete they’re edginess! Pumps have become one of the hottest staples for a girl’s everyday style and they are incredibly versatile too, teamed with absolutely anything from skater dresses to hot pants, skinny jeans to leggings they offer an edgy cool result. It’s not a necessity anymore for girls to only wear heels and what we love about this skater style laid back trend is that is it incredibly easy to wear, anyone can wear it and it is super comfortable too. Basically if girls can edge towards this skater style pumps with dresses kind of style then why can’t they do the same with the creepers shoes too? All it takes is a little patience, knowledge and knowhow and anyone can rock this creepers style trend! And let’s not forget that these shoes can also help to create height because of their chunky soles, height and comfort? Sounds like a winner to me!

Whatever you initial thoughts maybe at present creeper shoes are back and like already mentioned they have been given a modern update so, go and explore and who knows you may even surprise yourself!