Disco Pants – Great for clubbers and party goers.

Ok so Disco Pants may not be everyone’s cup of tea but these daring bold shiny leggings are an absolute must-have item right now amongst the savvy fashion followers so let’s face it, if you’ve got it and your brave enough to dare the disco pant trend then you may as well flaunt it!

"Disco Pants"Disco pants are made of heavy nylon stretch fit fabric which offers super flattering slimming results when styled correctly. The cut is often a high waist, and the glossy sheen fabric is what makes these pants stand out from all the rest! For the daring and brave you may want to try out the sexy neon trend which includes the brightest of greens, pinks and blues for maximum impact but if you want to follow this trend without the extremity then it may be worth considering a pair of the classic black versions which offers the same look in a more toned down manner.

These pants are great for clubbers and party goers but can also be a trendy street style look for daytime too. If you are considering buying some shiny pants for a night on the town then I would recommend the neon versions teamed with a cropped top and sky skraper heals to get the full effect right now. Think ‘Jessie J’ who clearly shows how to wear the Disco pant trend in style! For those who are considering them for daytime wear then I would recommend plain black shiny ones worn with a tucked in tee, a hooded top or cardigan and a fabulous pair of pumps or shoe-boots for a real grungy street style.

Disco pants are not the easiest of pants to style and people who invest in a pair are often stuck on how to style them out to the max. They are incredibly versatile though and although you may be thinking your options are limited that really isn’t the case. It depends on your own personal preference, if your are brave to bare your midriff then a cropped top is the ‘in thing’ right now and any crop top will compliment a great pair of these pants. When it comes to shoes you have plenty of choice too because skyscraper heals, ankle boots and flats will all team nicely with them. Anything oversized like a chunky knit cardigan or jumper looks great with Disco leggings when styled for a daytime look and for those who prefer a really stylish vintage approach then opt for shirt buttoned up to the collar that has a statement print to complete a vintage inspired look. They don’t always have to be dramatically styled remember that a simple vest top underneath a fitted jacket will offer a statement look that is simple but effective!

This trend like most all other trends has lived before, only to be reborn again and everyone loves this 80’s throwback right now. The most famous of all Disco Pants wearers has to be ‘Olivia Newton John’ who played the role of Sandy in the classic Film ‘Greece’. Olivia proved that these sexy stylish numbers can offer incredibly flattering results as they skim the body and smooth out the curves to full effect. In today’s versions we see a more updated style and a more versatile approach to wearing them but none the less the effect is still very much the same as it was back then! Teaming them with a tucked in floaty batwing blouse with a statement print is a great way of modernizing this 80’s trend.

So have you decided to take the plunge and jump on board this Trend now?

If so where can we buy them from? Well fortunately because they are a massive hit right now they are in fact everywhere right now! All over the high street, online and in every magazine and fashion blog you may come across someone is donning a pair of these pants so finding a pair should not be problem at all. For the best deals I would recommend shopping online where competitors around ensures you’re going to find the better deals but having said that these disco leggings are extremely tight and so it is a good idea to try a pair on to discover what is a suitable size and fit for you. You need to be comfortable as well as stylish and trying to squeeze into a tight pair a size too small is never a flattering route to take!

When it comes to budget remember that the quality of the pants may suffer when opting for a cheaper version and unlike other trends where you can get away with the cheaper version it’s not always the case with the Disco pant because the cheaper versions may be a thinner material that do not cling to the body as it should and when the fitting is poor it may result in the ‘Saggy Knee’ look which is also a very unflattering route to take. Again you may need to try on the different brands to find the most flattering versions within your own personal budget!

If you are unsure whether to go for this trend I’d say go and at least try a pair on before you make that decision because you never know you may absolutely love them. There are different styles available, some have button fly fastenings, some have elasticized waists and some have pockets on the back where as others may have imitation pockets or none at all. The Disco pants with pockets or what appears to look like a pocket on the rear are often the most flattering versions rather than the ones that look like a regular pair of skinny shiny leggings. Some have super high waists which most girls prefer because they tend to hold everything in and everything is tucked away nicely but other versions have a slightly lower waist fit which exposes more of the navel area, again it comes down personal preference and what you feel comfortable wearing.