Dungaree Dresses – How to wear them no matter what age or style!


elcome back to the 90’s ‘fashionistas’ because Dungarees are back..! And they are here to stay…. but do not be afraid, because the latest style of dungaree dresses is a style to suit all and if you do not believe me we will explain more, so read on and see how you can style out this new seasons trend without rocking a throwback look and without the need to rummage through moms vintage rag bag of old clobber.

"Dungaree Dresses"Ok, so first of all when we mention the word the ‘dungaree’ we instantly think of denim, but why not? That is all we know, or that is all we were used to knowing anyway, right? But the truth is Dungarees have come a long way since then because nowadays you can rock out this style in any type of fabric, not just denim, and they really do suit ladies of all ages.

Ok so for a moment I would like you to forget about the word dungaree, just for a little while, and try to imagine Overalls instead, Ok… so that’s not exactly cool either because you are most likely thinking workman or painter and decorator now instead, Right? But at least you get the idea of a dungaree dress minus the denim, and that is the whole idea here! Or perhaps I suggest work wear instead? Because at least we are not imagining greasy overalls, which can be off-putting, and not exactly the sort of dress I had in mind for you lovely ladies!

So, do you see yourself as a dungaree type of girl? Err maybe YES or no, unsure? Yes…They are cool, but not only for the cool because it depends how you wear them and/or how you style them out.

So what are our options?

Well here goes… I have done the searching and investigating for all you guys and I have discovered many different designs, which I do believe will suit mostly everyone, no matter what age you are, no matter what style you like to rock and no matter what size you are ladies, because girls it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

Denim Dungaree Dresses

"Denim Dungaree Dresses"Denim dresses are back in fashion once again, in fact they never really went out of fashion because they have always been a classic wardrobe staple that tends to stand the test of time however this time around the new designs on offer are an updated version of what we saw previously.

When we mention denim dungarees we tend to think back to the 80’s or 90’s where there was some sort of dungaree frenzy going on an but the latest versions update old school fashion to contemporary cool. It’s like many other trends that have come and gone and returned once again, you usually find that the second time around they are even cooler than they originally were, I suppose we should thank our remarkable fashion industry who very rarely get it wrong. Once a new design or trend graces the catwalk, it doesn’t take long until we see it hit the high streets afterwards.

However the denim dungaree dress may not be for everyone. Although most people like to wear denim it’s a lot different wearing a denim dress to a regular pair of denim jeans and will require a little more thought when it comes to how to wear them.

So, they are available in different styles and designs and knowing how to wear them will depend on which style you go for but just in case you are stuck for ideas here are a few helpful suggestions to help you along.

  • The classic Blue denim!

Dungaree denim dresses come in different shades of blue, from navy to stonewash so there is plenty of choice. Length varies too from mini to maxi so there is a desirable length for all. Younger girls tend to wear the classic min length best as they can experiment with different ways to wear them and manage to look super cool. Many will add a simple crop top underneath and whack on a pair of trainer for a cool edgy day time look, perfect for summer but also they can be dressed up with some flashy heels and a clutch bag for a night on the tiles. It’s probably best to avoid the min versions if you are a more mature lady for the sake of emulating the mutton dressed a lamb appeal which is never a good look and one that we all try to avoid. However, mature ladies need not miss out of this style as there are some lovely smart fitted mid versions and casual maxi ones too so it is possible to wear a denim dungaree dress, if you feel brave enough to do so.

You could opt for the combo blue dress if you want to wear this style but without going all out, the combo versions are great and Superdry do a fabulous design consisting of denim top half with floral skirt, this is so easy to style, all you need is a simple with tee underneath an some pretty summer sandals and you are good to go, it’s also a great dress for holiday too.

There are also some pretty vintage options available; we spotted a lovely maxi version with a side spilt featuring a floral designs all over.

  • Different designs!

I’ve seen skater style dresses which are super duper cool for any fashionistas out there as they are right on trend right now and perhaps slightly more comfortable because the skirt a loser fit.

There are also nautical designs of white and navy blue which look incredibly smart especially worn with a simple cardigan and casual pumps. If you like to wear rock star style clothing, then the Alice in Wonderland dungaree denim dress from the Rock collection is right up your street, its black and white with an edgy print, super cool worn with some black boots and a crop leather jacket.

Whatever your taste, search online now to see the latest styles and go shopping to try some on and see how they look as they always tend to look better on. The best deals are usually found online however you may want to just hit the high street first so that you can try out the new styles of dungaree denim dresses.

Or… what about a summery Cotton Dungaree Dress?

Do not think it’s possible? Well, you will be surprised because these days you can get a lovely summer dress in dungaree style which is 100% cotton, not denim, not heavy, nor uncomfortable to wear but instead totally perfect for keeping cool, easier for most of us to pull off, and unbelievably stylish without trying too hard, because let’s face it nobody wants to look like they have tried too hard, we all prefer effortlessly cool right? Unless…you are like teeny bobber age then I suppose the cool edgy feel is exactly what you are trying to achieve and why not? We all want to look cool and edgy in our youth so for you girls, just go with it, embrace the trend and rock it out in all its full glory.

Being young is fun because for you girls you get to wear these dresses exactly how you like, perhaps you may want to add a little cute crop top and some smart trainers for a casual cool vibe during summer, Ideal day wear! Or how about a little mini dungaree dress complete with some leg lengthening heels to elongate those pins all set for a night on the town during the evenings? Just go for it! Why not? Whilst you are young, you may as well just embrace this trend!

Dungaree Dresses colours.

When we mention these dresses we instantly think of blue for some reason, but that is not always the case, thinking outside the box the little lets discover what else there is to offer.

Not everyone likes blue, Right? Luckily you can get a dress in blue, black, green, pink, white or even green so although it’s one, it’s not the typical type of dungaree dress, as you would imagine. I also have spotted (not for the faint hearted) some rather out there, on trend, but rather striking metallic Lurex Dresses which are great if you can get away with it, but we appreciate the fact that not everyone will adhere to this kind of style however if you are a party goer, its right up your street.

Black Dungaree Dresses.

Black is such a classic colour, it goes with everything and its far easier to style and wear than most of other colours not mention the fact that us women love black because its super flattering for all shapes and sizes too.

Black Dungaree dresses come in a wide range of styles and fabrics too, so you are not only limited to the black denim type as most of you are probably imaging right now? Of course there is nothing wrong with a black denim dress (they can look super cool!) but again not everyone will be comfortable rocking out this style unless you are of a certain age, usually teenagers or kids will embrace it the most.

What about smart and sophisticated dungaree dresses? Not normally a combination we would put together I know but thanks to this seasons new styles that is exactly what you can find right now! I have been looking around and I have found some lovely smart ones which wouldn’t look out of place in the office. The length varies too so for work I would recommend something to the knee, quite fitted in cut and pairing it with a lovely white shirt and cardigan for the perfect office glam look and then if you feel like hitting the town after work you could always swap the white shirt for something much more fun, whack on a pair of sky scraper heels and there you have it… A work look transformed into party fun, ready for a night on the tiles!

You don’t have to opt for just black you could go for a check pattern, pinstripe or bold pattern that incorporates black with other shades such as grey, blue, green, red or for the very brave go for something super duper bright.

Black seems to work well with anything you put with it so one of the great things about them is that you don’t have to worry too much about how to style the dress. You can make a dungaree black dress super smart or have fun with it by adding something bright and bold underneath.

"Black Dungaree Dresses"A mini dress is perfect for the young as you can really style it out however you like, you may wish to add a crop top underneath and some trainers for a casual cool vibe or if you are hitting the town add some heels and a backless bright top for sexy party look.

Many of the new styles look very similar to a pinafore dress so do not be put off by the word dungaree dress. You can get black cotton ones which are loose fitting and great for a summer daytime look which is cool and casual or you could pop one over a bikini for beach wear which enables you to walk too from the beach in style and also helps to cover up your skin to stop you from burning on holiday.

If you are self conscious about showing off your pins (because let’s face it many women are not as confident to do so) then a floor length maxi dress is ideal for you! Simply pop it on with a simple vest top underneath, whack on some oversized sunglasses and a pair of flip flops and you are good to go looking super duper stylish in an effortless way.

What is great about this style is that they offer a wide range of cut, some which are fitted and figure hugging and many others loose fitting and casual so no matter what size you are you can find a black dungaree dress to suit your figure perfectly and I promise you will find them super duper comfortable too.

If you are still unconvinced about them then I would suggest hitting the high street and trying them out for yourself because they do tend to look much nicer on and you may be pleasantly surprised.

White Dungaree Dresses.

"White Dungaree Dresses"Let’s also focus on another firm favourite, the white dungaree dress. White is always a popular colour choice to wear, especially during summer months because it’s cool and light and it shows off a glowing tan perfectly. White does have its drawbacks though; it gets dirty really easily so may not be a popular choice of colour to wear for everyone, and especially moms with young kids. Not only that (depending on how thick the fabric is) white tends to be quite see-through too and finding the correct underwear (for the sake of going out showing the world what god gave you) it’s an absolute must to consider what you wear underneath. So, for many people wearing white may be something that is ruled out completely as perhaps you find it too high maintenance or too much hassle? This is understandable because for most of us, we like to be able to just pop something on and go, with no stress, no hassle and no fuss!

If you do like to wear white though, fear not because there are ways in which you can do so which doesn’t have to be ridiculously hard to pull off and with many styles of dungaree white dresses available you are not limited with options either.

These dresses come in a variety of fabrics, designs and cuts. Like with black, the most obvious choice is the white denim dress which has always been a classic but tends to be limited to younger generations as for the most part they tend to come in a shorter length skirt. However the great thing about white denim is that it is a much thicker fabric than cotton and certainly not see-through so there’s no need to worry about flashing any undies.

Some designs do showcase a skater style skirt; this seems to be a popular trend right now although not for the faint hearted as these dresses are all about showcasing fabulous pins. Skater style white dungaree dresses tend to be a much lighter weight fabric too so may be succumb to the see-Through look, however with the right under garments they could look super glam for any girl hitting the town.

Some of these dresses are knee-length or midi-length and are ideal for 30 plus because although you get to showcase a current trend, you can do so in style and without trying to hard or looking too youthful. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing these styles with navy blue and white pinstripe t-shirts underneath and the overall look is a fabulous nautical almost sailor like kind of vibe, which is super duper cute.

A long white maxi dress is ideal for holidays, especially on the beach. A cotton type is cool and perfect for covering up when walking to and from the beach. Simple pop it on over you bikini and you are good to go, it’s ideal for walking around town too and going into the hotel restaurant and it doesn’t matter if it’s see-through at all because it’s only a cover up for your bikini. It could kind of work exactly the same way as a sarong only it could more beneficial and more appropriate because it’s actually a dress and not just a sarong.

If you are feeling tempted to go for one then have a look to see what style you think would work, there is plenty of options available on the internet but also many designs are now available on the high street too. They are great for holiday wear and also for every day summer wear too, they are a trend that never seems to date so you can be sure that whatever dress you go for it is likely to last you for years to come, a great investment buy too.

Different Styles available.

"Dungaree Dress"Moving swiftly along though… another on trend style at the moment is shabby chic but not just for our homes because girls are appreciating the vintage style of dress everywhere right now and unbelievably you can get one to suit you vintage types perfectly! Seek ASOS, VERY and Superdry for the latest vintage variations of dungaree dresses.

If you are looking for more a sophisticated style then a pinafore dungaree dress is exactly what you need, again these dresses are everywhere right now and the styles and designs vary greatly, colours can be as adventurous as you please and so can the design. Their range for smart wear varies from bright and bold to smart and classic so depending on the occasion a pinafore dress will suit perfectly. For work you could try out a plain block colour in grey or black or maybe go for a pinstripe or check pattern for a smart and savvy look.

Depending on your budget and if the bank balance allows it, you have the option to go all out and snap up a Giorgio Armani dress, fit for the red carpet, but although this dress is advertised as casual, for that price (and I wouldn’t want to shock you by revealing it) id say it was far from casual!

But back to affordable fashion, ranges vary and so does the price, some start from as little as £6.00 at supermarkets and even high street stores will not break the bank and they are available for all ages from kids to mature ladies so there is something for the whole family. Kids look great in these dresses, they are so easy to wear and they rarely need an iron which is ideal for any mom. Just pop them on and they look great, effortless, simple and smart, perfect!

The great thing about dungaree dresses is that they are so incredibly easy to wear (Unlike most outfits where you have to piece together a top and bottom) because with these dresses you do not have to, as they pretty much go with anything you put underneath, whether it be a causal tee or a simple vest top, it will look great and if the weather is chilly a chunky knit cardigan will complete the look perfectly and nobody sees what’s underneath the dress. For those who are a little unsure how to style clothes easily then a dungaree dress is perfect for you, because you don’t need fashion knowledge to rock out this style.

If you are still unsure try looking online and bag yourself a bargain right now, and try it out for yourself… You can always send it back of sell it on if you do not like it, but I doubt you will.