Formal Dresses – How formal should they be?


o you have been invited to a formal occasion but what do you wear? Well to put it bluntly you need a ‘Posh Frock’ yes full on posh, which is feminine, elegant and classy. Having said that, a formal dress can fit into many different categories, glamour is undeniable with formal but with regards to design and length, the kind of dress you choose should be suitable for the occasion.

Lets look at some of them:

  • If it’s a ‘white tie’ the most formal of all formal attire then it is recommended that ladies wear beautiful ball dresses or floor-length dresses. Floor- length or full-length is an absolute must! It may be appropriate to expose shoulders and put on your best jewellery for this. At formal white tie events your aloud to go all out glamour with diamonds and pearls and these can be real or fake it doesn’t really matter, you are trying to create a look of elegance and glamour but you do not need a lottery win to do so. For transporting to and from the event, Shawls and wraps will add an elegant touch to any white tie dress and keep you warm at the same time. A fabulous hair up-do will compliment any formal dress.

  • Black tie events are formal but not as formal as white tie which means women have more choice with dresses. A formal evening dress is traditional but for black tie events ladies are allowed to opt for cocktail length dresses if they wish. Take into consideration that is if it’s a dance you need to be able to move around freely and so anything that is tight, uncomfortable or restricting should really be avoided. For black tie events dress up your dresses with your best jewellery as you would do for white tie events and pop on your best dancing shoes that are classy and comfy but remember that the occasion is still likely to be very posh.

  • Daytime formal is very similar to what you would wear to a black tie formal event. Weddings and christenings are often associated with daytime formal and women are usually seen dressing in full-length or cocktail lengths dresses. Maxi Dresses are perfect for formal daytime occasions if you prefer longer lengths but tea length and cocktail dresses are very acceptable too. With regards to color choice I would recommend lighter shades for daytime dresses and darker shades for evening. Nowadays it is not necessary to wear your night time formal jewellery to daytime formal events.

  • Semi-formal can often be quite tricky especially if it’s a semi formal party dress that you are looking for because we don’t want look over the top nor do we want to be under dressed. I would recommend avoiding mini or really short dresses otherwise any other length would be appropriate. Because it is semi-formal you may want to leave the longer length options if you are unsure and stay with the safer options of tea length of cocktail lengths instead. Wrap dresses, peplum dresses and shift dresses are all ideal. If you like figure hugging dresses a bandage or bodycon is also considered to be semi-formal. For accessories women are best to wear heals that coordinate with their semi formal dresses and regular dress jewellery is fine.

  • If it’s a dress that you need for work then you have lots of options available. Good tailoring is always a good idea for an ultimate smart look. I would recommend opting for shades of creams, beiges, grey, navy blues and black. Shift dresses that have a slim line belts that cinch the waist are a good choice. Try to find dresses of a business knee length and add a tailored jacket to complete your office look. Other dresses suitable for work wear include Peplum, wrap, pencil and panelled bodycon dresses. Capped sleeves or long sleeves are very smart and may reduce the need for over garments. Top tips, you can easily dress up your dresses for work by adding a simple neck scarf to create a sophisticated approach. Opaque black tights will tone down most dresses making them suitable for work as longs as they are not too blingy.

Where to shop

"Formal Dresses"Formal dresses are very easy to find either on the high street or online, if it’s a white tie dress that you are looking for then your best options are to visit stores that retail prom and ball gowns because they specialize in that particular attire. It’s also worth trying on white tie dresses to see which ones look better on you because with such dresses it’s hard to tell how it would look on you as they cannot showcase their true beauty unless seen on the person. You can search for black tie formal dresses online as there is more variation for you, especially when you are considering something posh but are unsure of how posh to go. Read blogs and articles online for guidance online to help you decide. With semi formal dresses your options are open because there are so many different styles and designs available to choose from which are considered suitable. I would recommend looking for a bargain online but it’s well worth visiting the high street before hand to get an idea of what looks good on you and what is designed to fit your body shape.

Whatever the occasion and however formal the occasion may be there is a formal dress out there to suit it and to suit you. Most girls know what dresses suit their body shapes best and it’s always a good idea to stick with what you know, because ultimately we all want to look and feel great.