Going Out Dresses – Dress accordingly to where you’re going and have fun!


ooking for going out dresses? First of all where are you going? These dresses are suitable for all different kinds of occasions so before you can decide on a dress you need to decide what it’s for. Once you know where you are going you need to check out the dress codes, is it a formal occasion? Informal occasion? Or a Semi-formal occasion?

"Going Out Dresses"Once we have discovered the occasion then another important factor to consider is how long will I be wearing this dress for? Will it be all day and night or just night time or day time? This is very important because you want to be comfortable in your dress and if you are to wear them all day and night, you do not want the discomfort to spoil the occasion.

Next important issue to focus on is the weather. Now you may not feel that this is very important but realistically you may have to consider wearing over garments with your dresses and finding something that works well with your outfit can sometimes be an arduous task in itself.

And finally look for dresses that suit your shape best, most of us know our own body shapes but if you are unsure you can easily find this out by either doing a little research online and standing in front of a full length mirror or by visiting a department store that specialize in women’s tailoring and asking for some assistance. No matter what the occasion there is a dress out there suitable and one that is cut just right for you. Once we know our body shapes, shopping online becomes a whole lot easier, we simply search for dresses for our shapes and everything comes to light, simples!

Let’s shop!

  • I’m going to a formal dinner what do I wear? Well the rule of thumb for formal is a tux for men and floor length gowns for women. Search for going out dresses that are long and elegant and I would advise to go darker with shades for formal. Black and navy blue dresses are far classier and sophisticated for formal nights. For formal day wear you can go a little shorter in length but only to the knee, not above! Shades can be softer too. For the perfect formal going out dress that will take you from day to night then go for the very reliable ‘LBD’ Little black dress. Little black dresses are always going to be the sophisticated classic choices because they are so easy to wear and style, they can be dressed up for evenings and dressed down for day wear, but avoid them all together if the formal occasion is a wedding.

  • I’m going to a semi-formal christening what do I wear? Semi formal is always a tricky one, is it posh or not? It’s neither one nor the other but somewhere in-between instead, not easy is it? Ask what others are wearing to get some sort of an idea. If you are still unsure then go for softer colored dresses that are knee length. Think tea dresses or Shift Dresses! Floral patterns are always a good choice as they are elegant but relaxed at the same time.

  • Are you going to a nice wine bar for an evening out? Cocktail length dresses are great if you like to show a bit of leg, many options are available and with regards to color and style so choose something that looks good on you and is comfortable to wear because you may be sitting down for most of the night anyway. There is nothing worse than sitting down in a tight dress and then you can’t breathe! Maxi dresses are also a good choice, you feel relaxed and comfortable in them yet you look very stylish and cool.

  • Going out to a club afterwards? Go for a bit of sparkle in your night out dresses, something that will reflect the light in the clubs, tone it down with a nice fitted jacket to begin with the later you can take it off and dance the night away.

  • Is it a party? And if so who’s party? If it’s a young person’s birthday do not try to over dress and compete with them, dressing age appropriate it’s far classier. If it’s a very special party try not to overshadow the person who should be the centre of attention. You’re attending, not trying to steal the limelight from them! But if it’s your very own party then go for something spectacular, why not? Spectacular dresses could be anything from backless, to deep plunging necklines to over the top sequins and embellishments.

Her is a dilemma I’m often face with I’m going out and need a dress but I’m not sure what the place is like as I’ve never been before. I do not want to be overdressed nor do I want to be underdressed. What shall I do? Go for a simple dress, simple design, and simple cut! And dress it up with accessories instead because if all else fails you can easily remove some accessories to tone down the look, but you cannot remove the dress once you are out!

Another top tip of mine is if my dress is spectacular i try to keep makeup and hair simple unless it’s formal of course and then a fabulous up-do always looks great! But if the dress is simple I make up for it with fuller makeup and heavier styled hair. It’s all about getting the balance right and trying not to look like you have tried too hard.

Before you go hunting try searching online for the best deals around when it comes to buying dresses because there are better bargains and deals online right now than what you may find on the high street.