Kimono Dresses – A girl’s best friend.


imono dresses are the ultimate dream dress for any girl. No matter what shape or age you are you can rock the Kimono style of dress to absolute perfection.

"Kimono Dresses"They enhance curves but also help to create them so if you do not have that infamous Kim kardashian hourglass shape naturally, not to worry because a Kimono dress will make you look super duper fabulous.

Oriental trend has been around for a while now but this summer it has really hit the spotlight with adoring fashion followers rocking this trend day and night. If you do not own one by now, chances are you are in the minority because no matter where you go, where you shop or where you look someone is sporting the trend.

Kimono dresses are such a popular choice of attire right now mainly because of how easy they are to wear. Anyone can wear one and look great in it and because they are not clingy or figure hugging in any way they offer a more relaxed way of style that girls and women can feel comfortable in and more importantly confident in.

What is particularly great about them is that you can simply throw them on, no fuss and no stress and off you go, looking fabulous, sassy and super duper stylish! They also appear to look incredibly expensive (almost as if you are wearing some kind of designer valentine gown) when perhaps you only happened to pick it up for a measly ten quid off the internet or local supermarket, it’s the ideal way to fake a stylish appearance on a budget, which is a massive bonus for us girls!

If you are shopping off the internet it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier than shopping for any other kind of dress, that’s for sure! Usually we girls struggle to get the size right by looking at an image and because sizes tend to differ from store to store it’s always better to try before you buy. Lots of girls get put off internet shopping for the fear of the dress not fitting correctly and then having to send it back etc, this is a bit of a pain especially when you are ordering a dress for a specific occasion only to find that when it arrives it doesn’t fit you and now you have to return it but by now you do not have sufficient time to return it and get a new size in time, oh what a nightmare, I’m sure you’ve all been there? Well, with these dresses you do not have to worry about any of that because of the way they are made, being a lose fit dress, even if you happened to get a size which was slightly too big or small, it wouldn’t really matter as nobody would notice anyway!

This is a great dress for almost any occasion; they would look great at a summer weddings or christenings, ideal for parties or nights out on the town and also perfect for relaxed day wear during summer time. They can be dressed up or down simply throw on a pair of flip flops, oversized sunnies and handbag and head to the beach for cool day wear or pop on super sassy skyscrapers, sparkly jewellery and a clutch and you are ready to paint the town red.

Kimono dresses will enhance natural curves enabling you to highlight your best bits whilst concealing any lumps and bumps that you would rather hide so for curvy girls they are the dream choice of dress. If you are lacking in the curve department you can fake some curves with these dresses because they allow you to be versatile, you can add waist cinching belt to create the illusion of a fuller figure and tiny waist line. There are also many different designs and styles of kimono dress which will also enhance curves or create some fake ones, for instance a Kimono Wrap dress is the ideal figure glorifying frock you will ever buy, if you are a curvy girl it will make your waist appear slim whilst not clinging to your hips and thighs but if you are a tiny and petite girl it will give the illusion of a much more fuller figure and offer you that hourglass feminine shape, so it’s a win-win all around!

Kimono Wrap dresses for all occasions

"Kimono Wrap Dresses"Kimono Wrap dresses are simply gorgeous, they are feminine, flattering and versatile in many ways. They are versatile for many different reasons, mainly because they are ideal dresses for all occasions but not only that, all women can wear them, no matter what age or style preference you may have. Kimono ones are also super duper flattering, like any other wrap dress, because they will cinch you in at the waist and enhance a curvaceous appeal so if you are seeking to highlight curves or perhaps create some? You cannot go wrong they will do the job nicely!

They vary in design and style and if you are worried that you many not find a particular style that suits you taste, fear not as they have something for everyone. So, do you often go for short and sexy to flash those fabulous pins? You can get just that with Kimono Wrap Dresses, or perhaps you are the more conservative type who much prefers to cover up in a stylish sophisticated kind of way? Well, seek out some of the lovely Kimono maxi wrap dresses out there right now as there is everything you could possible imagine available.

Whatever your preference, style or taste or whatever the occasion and budget there is something for you, here is the low down on what’s hot right now and there is bound to be one in there that is right up your street.

Online shopping is ideal for seeking out what is available, even if you decide to buy in store and not off the net you will get a great opportunity to see what is available right now but having said that, the best deals are generally snapped up online and because we are now heading towards the end of the summer season, you may be able to grab yourself a real bargain by opting to shop online rather than in store.

Prints and fabric choices vary greatly, so if floral vintage is your thing, you’ve got it! Bold and brave prints are great for those who really like to go all out and take the trend to its absolute limit oriental or bohemian style but if you prefer a more conservative sophisticated approach fear not as you are still in the running too.

Kimono wrap dresses are a statement trend but if you prefer to invest in wardrobe pieces that maintain longevity and never date, the great thing is, you can shop for just that with the Kimono wrap style of dress. With all options available right now the choice is yours whether you opt for oriental statement pieces or decide to capture the essence with only a snippet of the design?

Kimono dresses vary in style, hence the reason they are suitable for all girls. For the younger generations there is a fabulous range of mini Kimono dresses which are flirty and fun but unlike many other mini dresses (that often appear to look a little trashy with everything on show) at least with kimono you only flash those fabulous pins because arms are modestly covered up which really helps to balance things out. All eyes will be on those legs if you do decide to opt for one of those though, so fabulous smooth glowing legs are an absolute must!

On the other hand if the thought of flaunting those pins leaves you with slight trepidation, do not fear as they also have a fabulous range of maxi dresses that are glamorous and super stylish, so covering up doesn’t have to be boring! Check out the latest range of kimono maxi dresses, you have the choice of bright and bold patterns for real show stopping appeal or opt for Aztec, block coloured, pastels and floral for simplicity but with total sophistication, whichever takes your fancy!

Kimono Maxi Dresses are this summer’s wardrobe staple

If you are looking for the perfect dress this summer then you cannot go wrong with Kimono maxi dresses, Maxi dresses have been a firm favourite for a few years now so it’s not surprising that designers are sticking with this key look whilst reinventing for a more modern approach. So if you do opt to invest a Kimono maxi dress, at least you can be sure that this wardrobe staple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, meaning that you will get your money’s worth out of this dress and most likely will be wearing for years to come.

  • So why do we love the maxi dress so much?

Its most likely due to the fact that they’re incredibly easy to wear, easy to style and anyone can pull it off no matter what age or size you are. It also helps that they are incredibly flattering to all shapes and sizing, with no dreaded clinginess drawing attention to areas we would much rather conceal. Also the loose flowing fabric helps women to stay cool in summer and they are the ideal cover up for on the beach to stop you burning in the sun. Maxi dresses are also super duper glam, even if you just throw one on in a rush you can guarantee that you will look stylish and feminine and if we can pull that off, effortlessly, it’s a massive bonus!

  • Why a Kimono maxi over a regular Maxi?

"Kimono Maxi Dresses"Everywhere you look, everywhere you go and everywhere you shop a Kimono of some sort will be seen because they are in every store and every girl is rocking this oriental trend right now. Of course you do not have to opt for a Kimono dress as such as there are many other variations of this trend right now, a kimono Shawl tends to be another popular choice amongst many!

The kimono maxi dress is a great variation of the maxi dress; it offers a newer modern approach and will bring you right up to date in the eyes of the fashion world. With many different variations available right now, no matter what the occasion you can get a great dress to suit it perfectly.

Festival season is ripe right now and a Kimono Maxi dress is the ideal throw on for a super cool Boho vibe and if you opt for something with tassels you can step up the style stakes even further. Or if you have a wedding or christening looming, you can opt for a glam floor length number which will not only look the part but also be super duper comfortable to wear too.

Kimono dresses are for all ages and all sizes so no matter how old you are or what size you are, you can all look great in them. Some designs are shorter in length and perfect for party goers looking for a great dress to rock the town this weekend, but if you are seeking sophisticated sleekness then you also have plenty other options to suit the bill. Designs vary greatly and so do colours, patterns and fabrics. There is a choice of bold and bright patterns, floral and feminine, soft and subtle, Aztec, classic oriental or simple block colour so suit all tastes. You can opt for layered fabrics, sheer fabric, silk, cotton, lace or even satin.

When shopping for Kimono Maxi dresses you will notice that all designs have one similar characteristic and that is there glam batwing style arms so no matter what design you go for as long as it has that classic appeal you can be sure to be rocking the latest Kimono maxi dress trend. For more mature ladies this latest style of dress comes as a welcoming relief because most ladies of a certain age fear nothing more than having to show off the tops of their arms so at least with this style of dress, they can fear no more by covering up graciously.

Kimono maxi dresses will vary in price, but they do not have to break the bank as there are many affordable designs available, it’s just a case of shopping around! To find the best deals right now try looking online because there are many affordable Kimono maxi dresses to suit all tastes and for all sizes. Because Maxi dresses are easy to shop for (as getting the size right is not such a big deal) you can simply go for it as chances are the dress you buy in your regular size will fit a treat.

The kimono Look

Kimono dresses are inspired by oriental attire but you do not have to go all out Japanese if you prefer not to, you can opt for the subtle approach and still manage to get the look of kimono style. Loose fit bat wing arms are the classic staple in Kimono fashion and whether you go for a classic print and bold colour or opt for something with a modern approach is totally up to you, anything goes this season!

There are many ways to create the Kimono look minus the expense, if you have some old Kaftans lying around, why not think outside the box and put your imagination to the test. Simply pop on a simple vest top, throw on a pair of ripped denims (which are all the rage right now) and pop your Kaftans over the top cinching it in at the waist with a belt) and bobs your uncle, you are rocking oriental fashion!

Kaftans and kimono dresses will range in price; you have high end fashion or affordable but the great thing about these dresses is that nobody tells the difference! Most dresses are made of a light sheer cotton fabric with no obvious eminence to them so you can simply get away with a cheaper version (made of a cheaper fabric) and still maintain that high end fashion approach. All of them offer an elegant appeal (because of the way they are made) so opting for a cheaper version is less obvious with them than it is with other dresses. Great news for girls who like to look sassy on a budget!

Kimono dresses are the ideal attire for all styles (no matter what your preference) because of their variation; Asian girls look fantastic in them but so do European girls because the latest range are contemporary and modern and you have a choice to opt for classic or modern. Some girls prefer to wear the latest trend with a more modern approach and with these dresses you can opt for asymmetric, lace, sheer, wrap, maxi, bold, pastel, Boho, floral, oriental, embroidery, silk, satin you name it, they have got it! There is something for everyone!

They are great for occasional wear too; you may be looking for bridesmaids dresses right now? If so, you cannot go wrong in the fashion world, you would certainly get your wedding noticed by being on point, in the trend and current, that is for sure! Or for prom dresses, you can dress up in a Kimono dress; you’ll be bang on trend and will certainly be the bell of the ball!

One of the great things about these dresses is that they never seem to date, although they are bang on trend currently they have never gone out of fashion really because every girl likes a simple sophisticated cover up that you can just throw on and look super duper glam in an effortless way and that is exactly what you get, whether Kimono style or simply stylish Kaftans to glam up your beach swim wear at a pool party, you cannot go wrong Kimono style! If you haven’t got a Kimono dress at current, you cannot go wrong by investing in one, they are a wardrobe staple that will last you for years to come.

Looking for a Kimono dress right now?

Simply go online for the best deals around, but… because they are so popular right now, I suspect that they will not be around for long so grab a bargain pronto!