Lurex Dresses – Metallic Accents for Festive Events.


his the season of all things shimmering! New and upcoming party invitations mean a new wish list of dazzling pieces and I have to admit I am completely sold on lurex dresses. They make for an exciting trend that anyone can iterate in the attempt to broaden their use of metallics.

What Is Lurex?

"Lurex Dresses"Lurex is a commonly confused word, particularly in connection with the concept of “lamé”. Lurex is not actually a fabric, but a metallic yarn used to make fabric. Lamé is indeed a fabric that incorporates metallic threads.

As a type of synthetic fiber, it is flexible and resilient, and comes in a variety of colors and tones, not just silver or gold. The effects lurex capture also vary, from the ubiquitous metallic, to antique, pearlescent, iridescent or holographic. And hey! Did you think there’s no escaping the coarse texture of lurex? These dresses can actually be very comfortable because lurex is often intertwined with soft fibers and cozy knits to create a fabric feel that you can actually be excited about.

Many celebrities chose to wear them at some point in their lives, including Victoria Beckham, Sam Faiers, Sienna Miller, Jesse Lynch, or Kate Hudson to name a few. 

Gowns and Maxi Dresses

"Lurex Maxi Dresses"There are certain yarns and fabrics that don’t look as good in floor-length versions as they do in shorter sizes. Fortunately, that’s not the case with these dresses. Lurex Maxi dresses are just as beautiful, offering less or more coverage to suit different tastes. Vintage dresses make an interesting choice, whether you pick ’90s-inspired floor-grazing maxi dresses with loose cuts and spaghetti straps, or ‘70s style versions with nipped-in waists and full sleeves.

If you prefer a more revealing lurex gown, pick flowy maxi dresses with deep necklines, open backs or tear-drop cut-outs, asymmetrical cuts, high slits, gowns featuring a sexy bodice and a more voluminous skirt, or fitted dresses with an hourglass silhouette, sitting off-the-shoulder and boasting a subtle train. There are so many possibilities to steal the spotlight in lurex dresses!

Evening Dresses

Lurex is usually associated with eveningwear and special occasion dresses. It catches the light beautifully. And it’s only natural for your apparel to live up to the event and radiate that shine that says “Hey, I’m here, I look spectacular and I’m ready to party!”

It offers a wonderful alternative to sequins, especially if you prefer less glitzy looks but it’s eye-catching enough to add interest to the plainest of dresses. In fact, these dresses come in many styles, from bodycon to looser versions. Lurex makes for a great way to add some shimmer to your appearance, and also some colour, as these dresses can be found not only in nudes and neutrals, but also in vivid colours, and the best hues for them are the jewel ones like amethyst, sapphire, opal, emerald, ruby, and so on. If you’re torn between the desire to wear bold colors and the wish to throw on something sparkly, these dresses are your best bet. Same applies to neutrals and metallics like silver, gold, or copper. All these hues are on-trend now and you can be sure of an attention-grabbing attire whatever color you choose for your dresses.

There’s more to this style than simple, monochrome looks and consistent tones. Some have more body to it; others are a bit on the sheer side. If you appreciate the appeal of see-through fabrics and you’ve just garnered a new sense of confidence, you’ll love lurex mesh dresses. These represent a very sexy and elegant iteration, as do other inserts such as lace. Another stylish look pairs lurex with geometrical motifs, resulting in modern frocks where pattern and shine are everything. Such outfits are ideal for women who prefer simple ‘60s inspired pieces and shift dresses that need extra oomph to counteract a minimalist cut. Speaking of dresses that echo a certain decade in the extensive timeline of fashion, lurex also stands out beautifully in vintage styles, as well as retro- inspired dresses.

What to Wear with Lurex Evening Dresses

As far as accessorizing is concerned, frocks made with lurex work best with pieces in matte finishes. Simple block shoes like neutral pumps, platform sandals, barely-there heels, strappy sandals and ankle booties accompany lurex dresses perfectly. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear fine metallic sandals for example. It all depends on the kind of look you strive to achieve and the level of sparkle your dress has. Simple belts and jewelry guarantee a “correct” look so to speak, a pair of dangling earrings or a minimalist plate necklace complementing the dress without overpowering them.

Envelope clutches and elegant shoulder bags in either patent or matte finishes complete the look with ease. Again, pick something in understated tones to let your dress do all the talking. If you’re wearing platform open-toe sandals or ankle booties and you’re looking for something to spice things up a bit, a cute and cheeky option would be to wear lurex socks.

For outerwear, think blazers and trench coats with some sheen to them, fierce faux fur jackets or warm, minimalist coats.

Daytime Dresses

It’s true that lurex isn’t the first option you’d consider for a daytime outfit, however you can get away with wearing a lurex dress if you’re careful to pair it well and avoid looking overdressed. These type of dresses are a particularly clever option if you need something to take you from day to night, from the office to the after-party, or for those times when you’re running errands all day and you don’t have time to change before a bash or a girls’ night out. There are plenty of low-key lurex dresses out there and as long as you keep everything else on the basic side, you can easily look and feel comfortable dressed in lurex.

How to Wear Lurex Daytime Dresses

Choose a lurex sweater dress, a midi pencil dress or a minimalist sheath dress, and pair it with simple items like a classic trench, blazer or sweater, opt for your trusted pumps or ankle boots, and your basic handbag. Use minimal jewelry or not at all, and when the evening comes, replace your watch with a pretty bracelet, and the studs with some glamorous earrings.

Plus-Size Dresses

"Plus Size Lurex Dresses"The general rule of thumb when it comes to extra-large sizes is that shine makes your body look bigger. But we’ve been past that by now, haven’t we? There’s nothing more irritating than to think your wardrobe is limited to solid black. Plus-size women can wear these Slinky Dresses beautifully or make a fashion non-pas just like any slim person could. The key to scoring a flattering look is to choose the right style of lurex dress and pick a material that smoothes nicely over the body. If you think you could do without the lumps and bulges of a thin fabric, a shaper will solve this issue easily.

Though up-to-date styles of lurex plus-size dresses are tempting to look at and buy, retro has its charm, particularly the ‘40s and ‘50s versions. It’s a fact that pin-up dresses were made for curvaceous women, so why not try to flaunt what you have in a lurex dress inspired by those decades? Midi-dresses with sweetheart necklines, crossover bustlines or slightly off-the-shoulder are smoking hot and will balance out your proportions if you pick a dress with a nipped-in waist. If you worry about your tummy bulging through, wear a shaper or a dress in a gathered fabric for a flattering optical illusion.

If you’re not fond of the pin-up style, you can always choose modern dresses in a looser fit, with scooped necklines and winged sleeves or stylish empire waists. Speaking of looser fits, plus size women can also look terrific in sheaths and ‘60s inspired dresses, and rely on an ingenious geometrical or linear pattern to trick the eye and appear slimmer.

Lurex is the equivalent of festive, so whether you’re looking for a new party dress, cocktail dress, a dress for your prom or simply a dress for that special occasion you wish to celebrate, keep your options open and consider one of the many dresses available. Be elegant in black, dazzle in silver, feel like a million bucks in gold or choose to have a mysterious and demure appearance in midnight blue. Whatever color you opt for, your inner and outer glow will not go unnoticed!