Masai Clothing


oday I want to introduce you to Masai Clothing, a Danish fashion brand founded in 1992, sold in the shops of over 1,300 retailers present in 25 countries. They also feature their products in 26 of their own stores scattered across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Masai – Fashion for ‘Real’ Women

"Masai Clothing"What I like most about this company is that their designs don’t cater solely to a small section of the female population like models and young women with perfect figures. They cater to women of all ages and body types who prefer a more laid-back individual style which reflects in their fashion choices. Masai Clothing puts emphasis on the casual side of fashion, without losing sight of the details that keep the clothes interesting, stylish and timeless. A relaxed look is easy enough for anyone to capture but if you ever struggled with finding the right silhouette, fabric or pattern for you, they will help you address these issues, offering a variety of shapes and cuts, an array of wonderful fabrics and a wealth of prints to encourage you to create attractive looks that suit you.

This Danish label is increasingly popular amongst women who are fond of layers, textures and patterns, and require comfortable materials to support their vision. Masai designs items using natural fibers, wool, jerseys, as well as woven fabrics and cozy knits. They feature dresses, coats, tops, cardigans and more, all figure-flattering, all perfect to mix and match to create your favorite look. Their products can be worn alone but if you’re looking to replenish your wardrobe in a big way, you can go ahead and shop entire outfits as their clothing are true building blocks for a great look bearing the distinctive Masai flair. Whether you prefer modern pieces with bold prints, minimalist clothing or a dash of retro, this brand will shower you with stylish options in vibrant or neutral colors featuring easy-care fabrics.

The sizing available is generous, their products ranging from extra-small to extra- large. Not only younger fashionistas will be able to find something to their taste, but also the middle-aged women, and let’s be honest here – how many fashion brands cater to women over 40 and 50? Even if you prefer other labels, you will surely love Masai Clothing for the diversity of products that will surely suit your mom, aunt, your mother-in-law, etc. This Clothing brand has something for everyone and they always keep affordability in mind.

Browsing through their website I couldn’t help but notice their practical use of tabs, providing sections such as “shapes” and “colors”, allowing customers to filter results based on body shape, respectively color palette.

Masai Dresses

I love dresses. We all love them. If you say you don’t, it’s usually because you think of them as being overly dressy, pretentious, too formal or too ladylike. The dresses sold by Masai are nothing like that, offering the same comfort and laid-back vibe as a pair of sweatpants, only with more flair and wearability than the lounge clothing you sport behind closed doors. Wearing dresses from their collections will help you put together an effortless outfit in which you can look good and feminine even when going to your local shop for a cup of coffee. I see their dresses being worn pretty much everywhere, on the city streets, in nature, during a walk on the beach. Some of their dresses can be worn for special occasions too, only these won’t give you that uncomfortable feeling that would prompt you to reach for your favorite trousers or jeans. And even if you are a pants kind of lady…take note: the Masai Dresses – being casual in style and so versatile – look great paired with tights…or pants! If you need a third piece to break your outfit, colored or neutral tights are perfect for that. Accessories and layers will complete your attire and give it more dimension, and you’ll find yourself loving dresses again.

Masai Dresses boast some seriously loveable prints, from bold to subdued ones. Palettes range from neutral blacks, beige, navy, etc to light blue, pinks, burgundies, green and others. Their dress collection includes mostly tulip dresses and tunics with different necklines like turtlenecks, V-necks and crew décolletages, and for the child in you, you’ll find frocks in wrinkled fabrics, dresses with pockets you can actually tuck your hands into, and dresses with fun, bouffant ruffled hems. Some Dresses have a hippie feel to them, and I can definitely imagine women wearing them at impromptu beach parties, at festivals and during colorful trips around Europe. I also spotted dresses you can take to the office. Who doesn’t love a comfortable fit crafted from natural materials, so you don’t break a sweat running around the premises in those busy mornings?

"Masai Dresses"Ever struggled to find dresses to match your in-between size? Zoom in and a dress or more will surely win you over. I understand the frustration of browsing for dresses in physical and online stores, and realizing that nothing you like fits you well. Lock those thoughts away and enjoy shopping for clothing that drapes beautifully over your body.

Masai Clothing releases two primary collections and two secondary collections each year. And though you might visit them for a piece or two, you’ll soon find that the dress you picked pairs absolutely perfect with THAT cardigan and THAT scarf. Furthermore, the same dress will allow you to make countless combinations, helping you create all sort of different looks to suit your mood, the occasion, or the season.

We should all wear dresses more often, not only for special events, but also during daytime when we’re out and about. How many casual dresses do you have in your closet? I say we let femininity and comfort go hand in hand and wear pretty clothing that suits our bodies, whether you’re a tall pear-shaped woman or a plus-size petite, age 28 or 56.