Maxi Dresses – Look Hot, Stay Cool!


veryone knows that a dress is more than just a fashion statement, it’s an absolute ‘Must’ when it comes to looking fabulous on glam nights out. Not everyone has the confidence to wear a dress though, some people hate showing their arms whilst the thought of flashing your legs fills others with absolute dread. With any dress there is always a solution to covering up arms whilst still managing to look great, a shrug or a cardigan can work wonders. Trying to disguise legs is not always an easy task though and often results in a person not willing to wear a dress at all. Tights or stockings will help to mask minor flaws but there not so good at disguising and to wear tights especially nude or tan ones with the toe area visible in a great pair of strappy sandals is not such a good look.

"Maxi Dresses"With Maxi Dresses you can achieve that glamorous and extremely feminine appearance in a rather more subtle way proving that you don’t always have to ‘flash the flesh’. These Dresses simply ooze sophistication and elegance in classy kind of way and they are wonderful at covering areas you would prefer to keep concealed whilst managing to accentuate the curves you do want to show off.

Since legs are well hidden there is no need to spend hours of preparation in the bathroom before- hand. You simply pop it on and go, so they’re also great time saving alternatives for getting ready, especially if you’re in a hurry! Any age, any size, any woman can wear a Maxi dress, sophisticated and demure for mature ladies and trendy, hip and chic for the younger generations.

Stylish Designer Maxi Dresses.

"Designer Maxi Dresses"Regardless of which Maxi Dress you choose, you are bound to look effortlessly cool and glamorous and feel ultra confident. Dressing to impress is easy in a Maxi, they are striking and stylish but very comfortable to wear. Whether it be day wear or evening, you simply can’t go wrong with them! A Designer Maxi adds that little extra something, it can enhance confidence knowing that you are wearing something special, anyone can Look Glam in a Maxi but with a designer one you feel extra special inside as well as out. Knowing that you have treated yourself to something special can work wonders for your mood and lifting your spirits and why not? Let’s face it girls, “you’re worth it”.

Whether you want to make a bold, fun statement or exhibit your sophisticated professional side, A Designer Maxi ticks all the boxes. You can piece a look together perfectly with bold, solid patterned designs and look beautiful with hair pinned up to create elegance and charm. For a more natural radiant appearance you simply leave hair loose. Accessories do spruce up any outfit and can work wonders in creating an overall stylish result but with Designer Dresses its best not to overdo it! You are wearing such a fabulous piece of clothing that is a bold statement in itself; you don’t want to be drawing attention away from it, Let the Dress do the talking!

Celebrity culture! Famed for giving birth to this trend, they’re all wearing them nowadays and the majority of them wear Designer ones too. But not everyone can afford Designer Dresses as not everyone has a celebrity bank balance! But fear not! There are plenty of options to choose from, out there now though, you can still achieve great style in whichever maxi you choose, it doesn’t always have to be Designer! On the other hand you can look for affordable Designer Maxi Dresses as there are some bargains out there right now and because public spending has decreased due to the recession, competition is fierce. Stores are competing for your trade like never before and offers and discounts are ever where at present. The best place to start is the web because the competition online is far more ruthless than anywhere else right now!

Look Hot, Stay Cool! Summer Maxi Dresses.

"Summer Maxi Dresses"The Maxi Dress is without a doubt a popular summer wardrobe ‘must have’. These Summer Dresses flatter all shapes and sizes because they are free-flowing over the body and allow us to feel comfortable and move freely but by staying confidently stylish at the same time. Ideal for summer daywear, ultra glamorous even wear and of course great for taking on holidays to sunny locations, and they make packing light! Bonus!

Maxi Dresses are great for hot summer’s days because although they are very fashionably friendly they are also very practical. They can also help minimize or even prevent sun burning on very hot days by gently covering those delicate areas of the body and managing to keep us very cool at the same time.

A summer Maxi can easily be transformed from casual day wear to ultra glam evening attire. Bold accessories including statement jewellery and platform shoes or wedges can change the maxi look in an instant.

Here are my top- tips to help you get the best out of wearing these stunning Summer Dresses;

  • Choose a dress that flatters you shape the best, Tall women should avoid designs where loads of material gathers under the bust area and is left billowing out everywhere, instead go for a more fitted bodice design. Plus sizes can get the most flattering looks in A-line styles too.

  • Petite women really do suit any design but it’s best to stick with smaller prints like tiny flowers or little patterns as it won’t leave you looking swamped.

  • Plus sizes are better off choosing bolder designs but the trick is to draw attention to the dress for all the right reasons and to not accentuate the areas you would rather keep discreet.

  • White is the ultimate summer colour, perfect for the beach. Its cool summery and ideal for everyone. Black attracts the heat, so it’s best to wear them on cooler summer days or at night.

  • Small and dainty jewellery and handbags do not really suit these Dresses, It’s best to keep them bold in color and style and extra large fabric or straw bags complete any daytime summer look. Don’t forget your over-sizes sunglasses too!

  • Anything goes when it comes to shoes. Flip-Flops, gladiators, wedges or even pumps and cowboy boots work.

  • For cool summer evenings try adding a wrap or pashmina or for a more tailored and chic look try a blazer.

  • Summer Dresses look cool, they are cool but they leave you “feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!”

Why Black Maxi Dresses?

"Black Maxi Dresses"There are many Dresses on the high street and online stores in an assortment of floral, paisley, patterned and plain with no real limits on colors available. When buying Maxi Dresses be sure to find a color and design that complements your skin tone to gain the most flattering look and make sure that it fits you correctly. These type of dresses are meant to be floor length but what you don’t want is something dragging on the floor behind you, this is something we really should try and avoid!

Tie-dye tends to be the safest option especially for newbie’s to this trend, bright colors can be very cheerful and are perfect for hot summer’s days and dark block colors especially Black Dresses can be very demure, sophisticated and slimming! Be careful with pastel colors though, pastels are not the easiest of color choices to pull off and what you don’t want is to emulate a little girl on their way to school! Also be wary of bizarre color combinations that clash as they can often leave you looking like a clown, and we definitely don’t want that!

If experimenting is really not your thing, it’s probably best to stick with floral patterns or block colors like Black. You can’t really make a floral or Black Maxi Dress look bad, therefore you can’t go wrong! The great thing about wearing Black dresses is that you are free to do with it what you like and anyone can wear them. If you want to dress it up you can because it’s basically a blank canvas! On the other hand it can simple and basic for day wear in summer. I would avoid wearing black on scorching days as it does tend to attract the heat but this all depends on the fabric, light fabrics in any color can be rather cooling. Another great thing about Maxi Black Dresses is that they are not usually see-through and therefore we do not have to worry about embarrassing noticeable underwear which is often the case in White dresses. Bonus!

  • How to wear Black Maxi Dresses!

For a simple and casual day look, wear it as it is with flip-flops or gladiators, oversized sunglasses and a chunky mesh of fabric bag. Accessories should be kept to a minimum but a nice chunky necklace would set the look off nicely and if the weather is rather cool a denim jacket will complement the look. For evening wear anything goes! You have the blank canvas to do whatever you like with it, wear flats, wedges or any heals, chunky accessories work best or a for bit of glitz and glam add some sparkle. You could try adding a nice belt to accentuate the waist and if you want to wear a jacket try a shrug or Blazer. Hair can worn up for a demure sophisticated look or down for Bo ho chic.

Maxi Dresses for Tall Women.

Being tall has its advantages, you get noticed, you stand out from the crowds and people certainly remember you! Making the most of your god given blessings and being confident in your own skin will get you noticed and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression. Shy away from the attention and you’ve just lost the advantage!

Instead why not make the most of what you’ve been given, and do it in style! The lack of confidence in Tall people has a lot to do with poorly fitted clothing.

"Maxi Dresses For Tall Women"Often touted as the main disadvantage of being tall, mass produced clothing made to fit the ‘average’ person. What is ‘average’? Everybody is different in terms of shape and size, just as being tall brings it setbacks, so does being petite! The problem lies with where to find clothes that fit just right. Although it can be somewhat annoying at times, most stores nowadays do cater for a range of sizes rather than just the ‘average’, the trouble is these ranges are often limited. Less choice of clothes only means less unnecessary spending! Bonus you save more money! Another option is tailor fitted clothes. Tailored fitted is not as expensive as you may think and the clothing is usually better quality, durable and it will last you a lot longer. Good quality clothing fits better! Usually the ‘average’ batches are poorly fitted anyway and are certainly not made to last. Think about it! You are better off having a smaller wardrobe of good quality clothing than a larger wardrobe of poor quality cheap clobber that never sees the light of day or only lasts you 5 minutes!

With Maxi Dresses for Tall women it’s not so much the quality that’s the problem, its more about the fit! A Maxi should be a Maxi, It should be floor length, and it should be long and flowing! What you don’t want is a Maxi Dress that is raised above the ankles or even calf length, that’s not a Maxi it’s a Midi! Tall women should be able to buy a Maxi designed especially with extra length to cater for them. They should not have to sacrifice on style when they have born with this great advantage!

Looking fabulous in Plus Size Maxi Dresses.

"Plus Size Maxi Dresses"Whoever said that big could not be beautiful? The Great thing about these Plus Size Dresses is that they accentuate the curves on the body in all the right places whilst still managing to hide a multitude of sins. Perfect! An illusion of a more slender physique is created when wearing the correct dress to flatter your body shape, whatever your size. Plus Size women can feel more confident, sexy and feminine in a Maxi whilst still being comfortable and best of all you don’t have to look like you are wearing a tent!

These Dresses will give you the right amount of charm and flirtatiousness whatever your size because they are long and flowing, and they show off just the right amount of skin. With many women’s clothing currently being too tight or poorly fitted or comfortable clothing often sadly very unattractive, you know that with a Maxi you won’t have to worry about it too much! these dresses are the most versatile clothing around; you can be comfortable whatever the weather and still maintain a stylish and trendy form.

Plus Size Maxi Dresses are so easy to find, unlike most other trends were sizes are often limited, they can be found at most major online stores or on the high street with sizes available up to a 32. You shouldn’t have any problems trying to find a Plus Size in a Maxi, that for sure! No matter what desired style of Maxi you are looking for there is a Plus Size Dress out there sure to pull your look together, to show off a breathtaking new fashion with confidence. And don’t forget to experiment with accessories to accentuate your style even more!

Petite Maxi Dresses for petite women.

"Petite Maxi Dresses"I’m sure many petite women can relate to annoying sacrifices having to be made in order to wear Maxi Dresses, purely because having not been blessed with towering pins! How many of you have had to buy a dress knowing only too well that when you get it home you’re going to be chopping the end of it and putting your sewing skills to the test? How many of you have had to make sure you own a pair of sky-scraping wedges before you go anywhere near one of these dresses? How many of you find yourself tripping over your own feet wearing a Maxi Dress and having to hold it up and carry it around with you instead? How frustrating! But more often than not if a sacrifice has to be made to achieve style, then so be it!

In a perfect world we could we could opt for longer legs, Wonderful! In an ideal world though, we merely want to find dresses designed just for us, wouldn’t that be grand? To find Petite Dresses that fits with no alterations or annoying sacrifices having to be made, and no longer do we have to yearn for longer legs, splendid!

What is great is that most stores nowadays have come to realize that there is no such thing as the “average” sized woman! We all come in different shapes and sizes and that is what makes us all unique.

Look Glam in Maxi Dresses for Weddings!

"Maxi Dresses for Weddings"When it comes to Weddings as much as we all love them we are often faced with the nightmare of finding a suitable outfit. We usually find ourselves frantically and rather stressfully searching all the shops to find that perfect piece only to never wear it ever again. More often than not the wedding outfit that we purchased was uncomfortable to wear and winds up at the back of wardrobe never to see the light of day again. What a waste of money! Sound familiar?

Hooray for Wedding Maxi Dresses! Very versatile and perfect for summer weddings but can be worn and again and again afterwards, bonus! They are elegant and feminine and can be accessorized to look gorgeously glamorous. Ideally these dresses will transfer seamlessly from ceremony into evening reception and what is great about them is that there’s one out there to suit every shape and size.

Great, we’ve come to the conclusion that this style is perfect for weddings! Now, because we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to design, which do I choose?

If the wedding is very relaxed and laid back or on the beach, a Maxi dress made out of light weight and floaty fabric is ideal. Chiffon Dresses look effortlessly delicate and will keep you cool especially if the weather’s hot.

To stand out from the crowd and get noticed, go for bold colors such as purple, fuchsia and citrus greens and oranges. They are very striking and bang on trend but be careful not to over shadow the bride by being to overpowering.

Monochrome dresses are ideal for a more formal or city ceremony and silk adds a touch of sheer elegance for high-class and stylish venues.

Whichever ones you ardently desire, a rule of thumb is to remember that less is definitely more when it comes to flashing the flesh, try to keep it respectable and classy. Some Dresses can be see-through but it really depends on the fabric you choose, you can just about get away with see-through fabrics at beach weddings as long as you are not too exposed but they do not work for formal weddings, unless you want all eyes on you for all the wrong reasons! Remember to make sure you wear the correct underwear to suit the dress to minimize any visibility.

Accessorize by adding statement jewellery like a chunky necklace, or big dangly earrings, but never both! Don’t overdo it by going to OTT! Keep Jewellery simple yet strong with signature pieces. Cover up on cooler days with a cardigan, wrap or pashmina but nothing that is big and shapeless as it will ruin the overall look of your outfit, keep it elegant! Jewelled sandals or wedges and a complementary clutch will complete you look.

Comfortable and Stylish Maternity Maxi Dresses.

"Maternity Maxi Dresses"Being pregnant is one of life’s natural gifts and certainly a wonderful moment to be celebrated. What’s not so wonderful is a growing bump pushing you out of your entire wardrobe, literally! Quite often this the most annoying part of pregnancy, nothing fits therefore I can’t go anywhere or do anything especially when I’m required to make an effort! Such as nights out or special occasions! As much as we enjoy our growing bumps wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to feel good about the way we look at the same time? Badly fitted clothing during pregnancy can often leave women feeling frumpy and unattractive and therefore quite isolated.

When the maxi dress trend came about, it was as much as a sigh of relief for pregnant women, at last there is a trend that can still be worn during the whole nine months! Pregnant Women can still feel stylish, cool and more importantly feel comfortable. A Maternity one does not look much different to any other Maxi, unlike some other Maternity clothes available out there. Maternity wear is often referred to as being a bit ‘mumsy’ and boring but this is not the case in Maxi Maternity Dresses! Also we love the fact that these dresses allow us room for our growing bumps too!

Already becoming chosen attire for most pregnant women because of their practicality as well a style, this dress also works wonders for your self esteem and the way you feel about yourself during pregnancy. It’s quite natural to feel unattractive and down at times usually because you’re restricted of being as fashionable as you would generally like to be. Again! Not the case in Maternity Dresses, instead we can be pregnant whilst staying as cool and glam as everyone else! Usually a great self-esteem boost is that others notice this too and often we will hear the comments, “Wow you look amazing, pregnant!”, “Pregnancy suits you” or “you’re glowing!” that instantly lifts our spirits.

As you can see, Maxi dresses are very ‘In’ right now and that’s set to stay for a while yet, their popularity has a lot do with the fact they are so comfortable to wear too. What’s very important is finding the perfect one that fits your body shape best, get it right and anyone can look trendy, stylish and gorgeously glamorous!