One Shoulder Dresses – Favourite red carpet dresses amongst celebrities.


ne shoulder dresses are favorite choices amongst many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham and we often see them gracing the red carpet in fine examples, for occasions that are super glamorous.

"One Shoulder Dresses"I would suggest a long floor-length variety because they ooze style and sophistication, when it comes to dressing up a glamorous one shoulder dress always remember that less is more when it comes to accessorizing because these beautiful gowns are the main focal point. Try accessorizing with delicate jewels such a crystal or diamond studs or droplet earrings, tiny pendants and beautiful stunning fine bracelets. Glittery and sparkly Sequin Dresses generally work best for evening wear whereas plain and simple variations are best suited for afternoon occasions.

For less formal occasions opt for something shorter if you like especially if it’s a party or a clubbing night. You are allowed to be a little more adventurous when it comes to accessorizing, chunky bracelets and huge earring will really help to spice things up and make your outfit a little more fun.

One shoulder dresses are very good choices for almost all shapes of women because the cut and design manages to flatter different shapes in many different ways. Take a leaf out of Kim Kardashians book and rock the style beautifully, she’s doing it for all the bigger bottom women out there and proving that you should be proud of those fabulous curves by highlighting them and not hiding or covering them up. Larger hips, broad shoulders or bigger busts such opt for this style of dress to achieve flattering results.

For small and petite women try and opt for designs that cinch in the waist and are preferably cut with higher waist lines as the result will be lovely cute curves and elongated legs. Killer heels and we are talking the higher the better for you, is an absolute must!

Still undecided? Here are the main advantages and disadvantages to help you out!

Advantages: One shoulder dresses highlight your best features whilst manage to deter away from other areas. They are widely available in many different styles, designs and sizes from ball gown glam to hot party rock! Prices vary and you can find something that fits in with your budget quite easily as there are lots of affordable options. Materials are anything from chiffon, cotton, stretchy fabric to silk, lace, and sequined etc, they have them all!

Disadvantages: Well to be quite honest there really isn’t much, accept for one fairly big problem the dreaded ‘Bra Strap Scenario’! Whatever you do, do not expose your bra straps when wearing a one shoulder dress because it’s a complete turn off! Yes! No matter how sassy, sexy of funky you bra may be, the idea is to bare one shoulder and exposing straps will kill it! Strapless bras all the way I’m afraid or for smaller busts you could try a paste on bra if you are brave enough. Ok maybe another disadvantage could be that these dresses are ‘try me on’ frocks! Sorry girls but to get the look right you really need to try these dresses on to see if they flatter you bust line. High Street shopping it is then!

And finally, when it comes to styling hair, may I suggest a fabulous up do because it will showcase the lovely style of the dress. For those who do prefer to wear their hair down you could try a side swept style by draping hair over one shoulder (the bare shoulder!) and pinning at the back.