Party Dresses – Pick the right one for you and party on!


e love to shop for party dresses because they are the most fun. The only difficulty we face is choosing one because there is such a vast majority of styles and designs available that deciding on one can be a nightmare. It’s never an easy decision for us girls to make when choosing these dresses because we see everything and we want everything!

Of course a party could be anything; it could be a birthday, a house party, a Christmas, New Year’s or maybe even a dinner party. There are so many different kinds so before we decide on what to wear, we must discover what kind of party it actually is.

Let’s match the dresses to the parties to give us some idea of what is suitable for specific events.

  • "Party Dresses"Themed parties are always enjoyable especially when it’s the theme of a different decade. It could be a fancy dress party which allows you to be as adventurous as you like and you may like to try dresses that will help create the look of a pop star or celebrity. 80’s parties are extremely fun and we get the chance to dress up without taking it all too seriously. For great 80’s style parties you could opt for dresses that have big bows and ruffles, particularly ruffled Ra Ra skirts. You may even like to try long sleeved bodycon dresses that have shoulder pads as 80’s is all about being big and bold. Once you accessorize with big back combed hair and bright makeup you can easily pull the whole 80’s look together. Another favorite party theme is 50’s Think ‘Grease’ and chose dresses that have full skirts with layering of fabric or netting underskirts. The bigger the better! For 50’s print opt for polka dots or vintage taffeta designs.

  • A Christening or a wedding party is usually semi-formal. For these types of parties dresses in softer shades and delicate designs offer a sophisticated smart approach. Strappy cocktail length dresses work well or you could try a shift dress. Fitted dresses also look smart but try not to wear anything that is too tight.

  • Birthday parties could be anything. Is it a children’s Party? Sweet16? Or a 21st birthday or older? Also is it a daytime or a evening party? For daytime maxi dresses are always a good choice, they offer a stylish casual look. If the party is for evening wear then you can go for something that is more dazzling. Evening birthday party dresses can shorter in length if you like or heavily embellished, sequined, backless, one shouldered or bustier. The choice is simply yours!

  • Nowadays girls like to go all out for proms and graduations. Check out the wedding section of the department stores to find something big and fabulous otherwise you could go glamorous dresses in silk or satin fabric. Crystal embellishments look great and will stand out making you look a million dollars.

  • Boat parties are becoming increasingly popular over the years. As much as we like the idea of a boat party the only downfall is that it can be quite chilly! Go for dresses with long sleeves on cooler nights or layer them up with a stylish shrug or nicely fitted blazers and jackets.

  • Fundraising events hold parties to raise money for a specific cause. Focus on the cause and dress accordingly. Pin point colors that are often associated with the cause and opt for a suitable party dress to promote this. It’s always a good choice to showcase your support to the cause by making the effort to dress in a compassionate manner.

  • Dinner parties are usually held at home, they are associated with eating and you are more than likely going to be sitting down all evening so it is very important to consider comfort here. You want to be able to sit comfortably in your dress all evening and have room in them for full a stomach. Go for stretch fabrics that allow you to do so. Maxi dresses are another good choice and so are party puffball dresses because they are loose around the stomach area and also they hide Tums, especially full and bloated Tums.

  • Pool and beach parties are fun summer parties. Glam up your swim wear with beautifully embroidered Kaftans. Any summer holiday dress you may have could also be suitable but if the pool party is at night go for party maxi dresses or Tiered chiffon designs.

  • A dance or a dinner dance is an excuse to put on your best. Usually classed as formal occasions it’s a good idea to wear long elegant dresses or gowns that are either full-length or floor-length. For ultimate glamour you could opt for fabulous velvet or satin fabrics in rich shades of purples, blues or classic black. If the occasion is white tie, women should dress in an elegant and demure manner.

  • Maybe the party is at a nightclub? If so then sexy Clubbing Dresses is the way to go, you can pick any that you like unless the night is themed. Sometimes clubs do a themed colored night like a white dress night or it could be a foam party. I wouldn’t recommend wearing your best dress to a foam party though as you are more than likely going to end up wet so instead light fabrics that will dry easily are safer options or dig out your summer dresses for suitable foam party ones.

I think we can safely say that we addressed most parties, well the most popular ones anyway! Other parties not mentioned above will more than likely fit into at least one of the above categories and so finding a perfect party dress doesn’t have to be such a daunting task after all. Remember that styling and accessorizing is just as important as the actual dress when creating looks. You may find that a dress you already own can be styled in many different ways to enable it to be versatile.