Pencil Dresses – Perfectly tailored dresses to create the ultimate feminine shape.


encil dresses will never ever go out of style. Just like Bodycon or Peplum Dresses, they are sexy and body hugging but are also illusorily conservative in length, so they are adequate for work and can be super sexy and stylish for after, which is why we love them, right? A well-tailored, quality pencil dress is a definite closet staple.

"Pencil Dresses"Who do they suit? Well, if you have curves go for it, an hour glass figure and a pencil dress are the ideal match because it shows off your curves while holding everything in. Make sure the one you choose fits the widest part of your lower half and is tailored in at the waist to achieve the best look for you. Don’t forget fabulous heels to accentuate your legs and make you appear taller and slimmer.

However if you are naturally tall and slim, lucky you! You can wear them however you like, no need to fret about what suits you best as they’re designed for you girls, and best of all you are the only ones who can just about get away with wearing flat shoes with them, if you wish.

Pear shapes, girls who are larger on the bottom than the top have to be careful with pencil style dresses since they’re such a fitted style and you do not want to accentuate your bottom half too much. The key is to balance things out without adding bulk. Something that works is to match a dark bottom with a softer colored or patterned top, such as stripes. That will focus the eyes up to the slimmest part of your body. Avoid flowing loose fabrics up top which will make you look bigger than you are. Opt for that look like a two piece skirt and top but are cleverly joined to get the contrast right.

Petites be careful, these dresses are quite tricky for you but it’s not impossible, opt for lengths that hit just above the knee because you do not want them to dwarf you, towering heals are a must and if all else fails, forget it! Besides you would probably look better in a mini anyway.

I’m sorry Apple shapes but if you carry most your weight around the middle a dress like this is not for you. It may be hard to accept but although it would probably flatter your legs, the emphasis of this style is your waist and this is the area you need to balance out, not accentuate! Pencil dresses will not do apple shapes any favors and you want to look amazing right? Then go for a style that does just that, flares and ruffles at the bottom will help you achieve amazing look girls.