Peplum Dresses – Flattering and feminine dresses for the more body conscience amongst us.


f you absolutely adore figure hugging dresses like Pencil or Bodycon Dresses but simply cannot or do not have the confidence to say ‘Look at me’ which is what they basically do, then maybe a peplum dress is for you? Peplum is as flattering and feminine as figure hugging but not as ‘in your face’ and they are a little more forgiving for the body conscience amongst us, mainly all of us!

"Peplum Dresses"What is a peplum dress? Well for those who are unfamiliar it is a perfectly tailored figure hugging dress with a difference, the difference being cleverly placed ruffles or overskirts situated just above the hips or around the waistline.

The reason for its ever growing popularity is because designers have shown a range of various ways of creating such dresses with minimum fuss and frills and by using plain colors to accentuate any hourglass figure but also gives the image of modern sophistication.

The first biggest tip on how to wear them is to keep the ruffles and frills to a bare minimum, you want to show off your tiny waists, or that’s what we want to try and do! And peplum gone badly wrong can do the exact opposite adding more weight; hence you lose your curves, a big no no!

Apple shapes and triangular shapes are perfect for peplum dresses as it will help you to create more curves by adding volume around your narrow hips to balance things out and to cheat an Hourglass figure. Petites can look very cute in peplum, try opting for a mini dress and if you’re blessed with long pins and height then a knee-length dress will look great on you.

What is great about these dresses is that are they’re perfect for every shape but not every taste, ideally they are not designed to make you look thin, they create curves. Beyonce looks awesome in them accentuating an hourglass form. Some designs are hideous, let’s be honest! The best thing you can do is to go out and try on some different styles as you may be pleasantly surprised.

My advice would be to go for plain colors and less patterns because the structure of the dress should be the main focus.

Remember that they are one of the hottest trends around right now and if you’re looking to step up your style in the fashion stakes then this is the way to go! Beyonce and Kim Kardashian can’t seem to get enough of this popular trend. If you are not particular fond of wearing dresses then you could opt for a peplum top or jacket instead as peplum styles are now available in all sorts of garments and not just dresses anymore.