Playsuits and Jumpsuits


radually disappearing are the days that a beautiful dress is a woman’s staple, other styles are swiftly creeping in, and Playsuits and Jumpsuits are chief among these. If still undecided about where you are on this trend, with an array of lovely specimens on offer it’s hard not to fall in love with them. A quick browse is sure to have you hooked!

What makes “Jumpsuits” so popular?

"Jumpsuits"Jumpsuits are currently one of the fastest growing fashion trends. Unlike Playsuits which are generally shorter in length and often worn casually, the Jumpsuit is longer and usually worn for a more glamorous look. They might not be as easy to wear because they do require a bit more thought, however, get the styling right and they can look amazing!

Many women can find them to be a little overwhelming or even boring, but if they are styled correctly, this doesn’t have to be the case. It’s all about accessories! Statement jewellery will instantly add some pizzazz. Shoes and handbags can also complete a look resulting in a super cool classy style rather than resembling a pair of ‘Overalls,’ which is often the case with poorly styled ones.

Another important factor to rocking this look correctly is to get the fitting right. Often badly fitted pieces will put you in the ‘overalls’ category again, this is something we should try and avoid! Choosing the correct fabric will determine the fit, always remember that silky fabrics are very clingy and do tend to hug the body more. If you don’t want to draw attention to particular areas you’re not happy with, then you really should avoid silk altogether. On the other hand, though, Denim and Cotton are a little more forgiving, they are stiffer fabrics, and they can accentuate areas of the body while disguising others parts. If you are new to this style, these fabrics are probably your safest choice and color wise you can start off with the Black Jumpsuit if you prefer. If worn and accessorized right these can easily replace you LBD. Be sure to find a style that suits you best and fits your body correctly and you will definitely love them and realize what a great alternative to wearing dresses they can be! You don’t need to be size 0 to wear them nor do you have to have the longest legs in the world to carry off this look. With many options available to choose from getting the right fit and the right style can make anyone look funky and fabulous.

The best way to find a good deal is online; competition is strife on the web at the moment with everyone competing for your custom. Bonus for us! My advice would be to visit some stores beforehand to get a feel for what kind of Jumpsuit looks great on you. Once you have some idea of what fabrics to choose and what kind of styles work best, then go online because you’re sure to find the better deals there. Also, it may be a good idea to check out their returns policy because a lot of stores do offer free returns on most products, and as they are not the easiest of items to buy, at least, you have peace of mind knowing that if the fit isn’t right, you can return it for free!

Why do we love the latest fashion trend ‘Playsuits’?

The playsuit has been re-invented over the years to be given a sexy and chic makeover. The fresh, modern day ones replaced the original short-shorts to introduce a more sophisticated stylish approach on the look. What makes the new design so much better than the older versions is that they are actually very flattering.

Playsuits are generally easier to wear then Jumpsuits. Their variety of garments offers an easier going look with denim or loosely fitting fabrics. There are heaps of selections to choose, and they can either be worn casually or accessorized to dress them up. A good way to dress up a playsuit is to cinch in the waist with a belt to show off those lovely curves and to simply pair with heels and a clutch. Dress them down with gladiator sandals, and you’re good to go! This is what makes them so popular; they suit everyone because of the diverse range available, and you’re sure to find the right one for you!

Ladies Playsuits are covered-up alternatives to wearing a short dress. The top part combines with the bottom to resemble wearing a pair of shorts attached to a top. Depending on the particular style, some are like shorts and tops joined, whereas others look exactly like a short flowing dress. There is a style for every size and age, and there is one to suit any occasion. Bandeau, ruffle, flowing, one-shoulder, strappy, tailored, denim, floral, bright, metallic, wrap over, drawstring and button-up to name but a few. With a wide range of designs available to you, you can never go wrong with them.

The denim version is every bit as comfy and cute as your favorite pair of denim shorts or jeans. They are seen as the more casual range of this style, but the truth is they can be dressed up as well as down. They are more popular amongst the younger generation because of their general appearance, but this type of playsuit can be made to ooze glamour and sophistication for most, by simply adding a waist cinching belt, a blazer and a fabulous pair of skyscrapers. Alternatively, if worn with flip flops or flats and big shades, you have a great summer daytime look perfect for holidays. They are available in various styles, shades, and fabrics ranging from stretch denim with sleeves to strapless bandeau options. There is plenty of color choice too, whether it be pale or darker denim’s, block colors or funky fresh, bright denim and is the most flattering when worn by tall and slim or small and petite women.

"Playsuits"Cotton ones are the most versatile of all. There is a lot of designs to choose from, and styles vary greatly thus making them the most popular. Any women can find a cotton one to suit them, and with flowing fabrics, tailored options, and longer length ones, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Flowing fabrics can be worn by any size or shape but because they hide a multitude of sins they can be particularly flattering for plus sizes. The correct design can accentuate cleavages and discreetly conceal those unwanted curves. Tailored versions offer a more sophisticated approach, and the strapless designs are surely romantic but sexy and blend comfy with chic. Add a smart jacket and shoes, and you’re fit for work, replace it with glam accessories and cute heels, and you’re ready to hit the town.

For the more fashion forward individual a retro piece would be perfect from 60’s chords to 70’s Floating flares and 80’s sequin numbers, anything goes.

Whatever your Age, Size or Style anyone can feel, sexy, stylish and confident because there is something to suit everybody with Playsuits and Jumpsuits.