Prom Dresses Tips

Here are my top tips on buying prom dresses

  1. Know your budget! And stick to it because then can rule out dresses that are well over your budget and concentrate on dresses that do fit your price range.

  2. Do your research! Magazines and the internet will give you some idea of what is available.

  3. Try before you buy! Prom dresses are often very similar to bride and bridesmaid dresses where they run a size smaller than your regular size.

  4. Keep an open mind! After trying on the many different styles you may find that you love a dress that wouldn’t normally choose.

  5. Listen to others! Other opinions are very valid because they get to see the Prom Dress on you in its full glory where as you only see what’s in the mirror.

  6. Listen to the salesperson! They know which dresses are best suited to fit your body shapes better than we know; they are trained into learning this.

  7. Remember to tell the world! You may be thinking that you want to keep it all a surprise but what you do not want is for another girl to end up wearing a dress identical or very similar to yours. Many girls prefer to have their own unique dresses at the prom.

  8. Buy early! Get the sale and allow time for alterations if needed.