Sandwich Clothing


andwich Clothing is a Dutch fashion label based in Amsterdam. Designing collections since 1981, the global brand gained recognition for the wearability of their clothing, each piece addressing to the modern day woman while employing unexpected elements and thus making it easier for customers to recognize their unique signature.

"Sandwich Clothing"This brand features a harmonious composition of fabrics, cuts, patterns, colors and styles, resulting in memorable yet highly versatile pieces sold all over the world in more than 2,200 stores. No matter your budget, you can find items worth putting on a realistic wishlist because their clothing and accessories are made from high-quality materials without the hefty price tag. It’s a great thing that the products they sell are affordable because once you spot an item you like, it’s impossible to stop there. That’s because their clothing items are designed to complement each other, with separates that can be easily matched up to get you through the seasons. You are given the opportunity to combine clothes to your liking without the sensation you’re missing something.

Take one good look at their clothing and you’ll notice perfectionism and attention to detail in pieces you can wear every day. From outerwear to trousers, and from dresses to tops and accessories, their products have a subtle twist to them, be it an interesting overlay, a quirky cut or a dreamy mix of ombre colors.

When it comes to versatile clothing, wearability is often synonymous with ordinary, and though their collections abound in basic pieces, their clothes are not boring. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is; their products can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe, enhancing it and adding timeless value to your closet. Few stores offer clothing that allows endless combination possibilities, so rest assured that if you’ve found the perfect dress, you’ll find not one, but several cardigan options to put together your vision of the ideal look.

With every new season, Sandwich Clothing land comprehensive lookbooks featuring attires that are not only practical, but also comfy and appealing. No two collections are alike, yet they always focus on “fashionable” and “versatile” as common ground. Their products consists of wardrobe staples and everyday essentials in flattering silhouettes constructed from high-quality materials that maintain shape, vibrancy and appeal over time. I saw solid colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, elegant embellishments and sporty elements to suit every occasion that comes across. They always comes up with surprising details, be it an innovative cut, an asymmetrical hem, a 3D print or a beautiful pattern you’ve never seen before, helping women nourish their individuality and personal style with the best in fashionable apparel.

Sandwich Dresses

So for precious dresses to wear with those bejeweled sandals you’ve recently splurged on, I suggest you try other brands. But if you’re looking for everyday dresses, be it casual, casually-elegant, sporty or office dresses, you’ve hit the jackpot. Sandwich Dresses boast relaxed silhouettes and comfortable fits, and are available in an array of styles, patterns and colors. Not only will you find a bunch of dresses for yourself, but you’ll be able to score the perfect dress for the women in your life, be it your mom, sister, mother-in-law or your bestie from work. This Clothing brand caters to all ages and body shapes, and to all seasons, offering from light viscose shifts to sweater dresses and everything in between.

Is most of your wardrobe black and you can’t imagine not having a bunch of black dresses in your closet? Then this is a brand worth looking into. I’ve also seen numerous grey dresses and since grey was particularly fashionable in the last few years, not to mention this season, I’ve had my eyes locked on several grey dresses, especially their faded wash zip-up dress, their denim dress, their fitted maxis and their suede effect minimalist dresses.

I’ve also seen some cool shirt dresses and tunics in abstract prints, displaying rebel wrinkle effects. Speaking of graphic material, they also feature bohemian and tribal prints, tie-dyes, eye-catching geometric patterns, stripes and subtle prints.

Sandwich dresses come in neutrals, as well as intense colors like red and turquoise. The vast range of understated dresses calls for pops of color, and a saturated effect can be easily achieved with vibrant accessories like scarves and stockings. In fact, their clean-looking shift dresses look edgy and modern paired with colorful tights, adding warmth and personality to fall and winter outfits. If you don’t have a cozy dress in a closet, one that’s simple and comfortable enough to allow layering and bright accessories, you’ll find your missing piece among their many dresses.

"Sandwich Dresses"It’s nice to swap dress pants and skirt suits with office dresses for a change, and Sandwich Clothing gives you a lot of options to achieve a look that’s work-appropriate, yet attractive and modern. And thanks to their collection of smart jackets, blazers, cardigans and ponchos, layering won’t be a challenge.

The loose fits and comfortable silhouettes of these dresses call for relaxed shoe styles, as opposed to avant garde boots and precious heels. Their clean line dresses work best with basic boots and booties, minimalist platform sandals, masculine-inspired shoes, slip-ons and mules. Whether you’re a fan of high heels or you prefer flat soles, your approach should be casually-elegant at most. I bet that the shoes you wear the most are perfect to complete the outfit!

So there you have it, a fashion label that encourages layering, day dresses, tasteful office wear, street-sporty styles, minimalist urban fashionistas and women looking to complete their wardrobes with must-have staples to be worn all year round. This clothing brand brings forth clothes you can’t live without, key pieces you’ll resort back to again and again to put together outfits for work and off-duty activities like meeting with friends, movie night, a romantic walk in the park with your date, weekend cultural events or grocery shopping. Enjoy comfort, freedom of movement and functionality in a stylish way with Sandwich Clothing!