Sequin Dresses – Stunning and effective, they will make everyone notice you.


veryone loves to wear sequins and sequin dresses are often seen on women of all cultural back grounds and religions. Asian women and specially Bollywood stars absolutely adore them and we can understand why. they are stunning and effective and everyone will notice you!

"Sequin Dresses"The craft and work that goes into creating such beautiful dresses will always be admired.

They are similar to Lace Dresses in that, they’re not the most comfortable of dresses to wear but extremely effective. When looking for a sequined dress you should consider the occasion and how long you are likely going to be wearing it for because if you are not used to sequins it may irritate after a while, but do not be put off from this style of dress also because the effect it will have far out ways the comfort factor!

Ok, so what’s available?

Full on all over sequin dresses offer the biggest impact, many different styles are available including backless which is incredibly sexy, shift style, one shouldered, bodycon for full on sexiness, long sleeved, bustier or vintage for a trendy up to minute vibe! Any sequin dress mentioned above would perfect attire for party wear or maybe some certain glamorous occasions, may be semi-formal glam!

Floor length dresses are the most sophisticated and certainly the most elegant of them all. Think red carpet glam! Perfect for weddings, formal dinners and balls! Styles vary and you can see designs in strapless, alter neck, backless, long bodycon varieties that accentuate, to fishtail hems. Go for a style that suits your body shape the best!

Another way of wearing sequined dresses is with sequin embellishments instead. You get a sequin effect that is not so full on and is more subtle instead. Dresses with sequin bodices, sequin skirts or sequin shoulders are ideal for wedding guests and other occasions where an element of formality is required but without the strict dress code.