Special Occasion Dresses – Which dress to choose?


hat are special occasion dresses? They are dresses suitable for a specific event. The event can be absolutely anything. When looking to buy, firstly you will need to discover what kinds of dresses are suitable for which occasions.

"Special Occasion Dresses"Made famous by celebrities recently are the bodycon and bandeau tight fitting dresses which are suitable for dinner dates, parties, cocktails and even weddings when styled correctly. They are not the most comfortable of dresses on the market right now, but get it right and they can be extremely flattering and they will pull you in to showcase some fabulous curves.

If you prefer something looser fitted because maybe the occasion is set to last from day to night then you could go for a more figure-friendly free-flowing dress. Maxi dresses offer comfort with style and can be formal or informal so very versatile for most occasions. Wrap dresses are also more comfortable to wear and can be worn to most occasions offering comfort with style and sophistication.

Other Formal Dresses are proms and bridesmaid dresses and when choosing something suitable it comes down to choice and what looks good on you, many girls’ these days opt for very different bridesmaid dresses than what we originally saw. Traditional bridesmaids are now often replaced with dresses that can be worn again afterwards; same goes for prom dresses so it really depends on personal preference.

Special occasion dresses vary in styles and designs but generally the more formal the occasion the longer the length. The only other longer-length dresses seen at informal occasions are usually summer maxi dresses. Cocktail length dresses work best for semi-formal occasions and above the knee and mini dresses are best kept for informal wear. If you are looking for dresses that are for informal events then this is by far the easiest mission, informal holds no boundaries and it’s simply a choice of what you like to wear.

They also vary in price from high street best budget buys to boutique designer chic. High end fashion can you set you back thousands where as budget buying can leave you feeling rather proud that you may have just bagged yourself a bargain. One thing is for sure, competition is strife when it comes to buying these type of dresses and everyone is competing against each other to make a sale, the greatest deals are generally found online. It’s also worth taking a look at auction sites too where you may even pick up a fabulous occasion dress for next to nothing.

Whatever the occasion, make it a special occasion!