Teatro Dresses – Dress to impress!


eatro Dresses are a very popular choice and every women’s dream attire because they are incredibly easy to wear. Many designs out there can be ultra flattering to the female form and accentuating curves and that is why women love them so much. There are really glamorous options if you really want to go all out but the great thing about them is that these dresses don’t always have to be formal, they are also ideal for summer day wear and even work wear.

"Teatro Dresses"I would advise every woman to own at least one fabulous Teatro dress and store it away in their wardrobes, it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t see the light of day very often, it’s just a great keep sake for when you might need it most. Let’s be honest invites to special occasions are always popping up out the blue and often are when you least expect it, but by having a Teatro dress ready and waiting could essentially be your saving grace.

When it comes to finding a suitable dress that best suits your body shape try and discover your own dimensions beforehand.

Common Body Shapes:

Hourglass figures – are the ideal women’s shape and if you are blessed to have one, then lucky you! Every other shape is trying to be you!

For everyone else the focus remains on balancing out our figures to cheat your way to a perfect hourglass, this can be done with teatro dresses.

Rectangle shapes – are lacking in the curve department but usually have fabulous long legs, see every shape has it benefits! For rectangles you are trying to create a prominent waist and opting for dresses that cinch in at the waist, this your best option at achieving this.

Pear shapes – usually have smaller upper bodies and larger bottoms; the key to creating your ideal hourglass figure is to balance out the two areas. Avoid shift dresses that could cling around your bottom half and instead opt for figure hugging ensembles that highlight your curves instead. Embellished detailing up top will draw the eye upwards and help to balance out your proportions.

Apple shapes – usually carry weight around their waist and so you need to try and cheat a pretend one instead, accessories are the key for pulling your look together. A nice belt situated around your waist will add interest and pull you in, having said that, chiffon dresses that cinch below the bust line and then offer an a-line skirt look classily sophisticated and elegant on you. Alternatively For bigger upper bodies that have smaller lower halves try out puffball and dresses with wider hem lines to balance out your body proportions, keep above detailing to a minimum.

Now that we have discovered our body shapes it’s time to shop!

With regards to styles and choices there are lots of options available out there at the moment, which are ideal for all sizes and all occasions. I would advise that you focus on your budget before you start shopping though and be sure to stay within your limits. Price range varies from high end designer fashion and boutiques to high street affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

The different styles include day wear, evening glam, party wear, prom gowns, weddings, classic, cocktail and fancy dress to name but a few. Let’s focus on some of the designs available.

Celebrity favourite Bodycon designs are extremely flattering; these figure hugging dresses will pull you into shape beautifully and show off your fabulous curves on glam nights out. If you prefer to be a bit more comfortable though, it is probably best that you opt for a more figure friendly free flowing Maxi or knee length, they are classic and comfortable and can be a bit more forgiving hiding a multitude of sins. Wrap dresses are ultra feminine, figure friendly, great for most shapes and very easy to wear, suitable for all ages. There are also elegant and sophisticated high waisted two-in-one Pencil dresses, great for wedding guests but also ideal for the office too. Sequin embellished numbers are perfect for those who like to add a bit of sparkle. Anyone can wear these dresses and sizes vary with some going up to a size 24, so if you want to ‘Dress to Impress’ and don’t know where to start, then Teatro Dresses are the way forward.

How to wear them?

"Teatro Dresses Styles"The great thing about them is that there is a wide range available and so finding the perfect number should not be a problem, however the problem we are often faced with is How to wear them!

Finding the correct design that will ultimately flatter your body shape is the only necessity you need! Once you have accomplished that, you are pretty much good to go. If you are still struggling with discovering what shape you are, try visiting a clothes fitter specialists (most major stores will have them) they should be able to help and assist you in doing so. The great thing for you is that once you have established your body shape, you shopping experience will get a whole lot easier.

The classic ones are ideal for weddings, cocktail parties or proms and look great with delicate jewellery. Nothing over the top, only simple pretty accessories and fabulous heels are needed to compliment the look. For chilly days a shrug or wrap will add a glamorous touch. A smart blazer type jacket will ooze sophistication.

Teatro Dresses for day wear and holidays like the ultra popular ‘Maxi’ look great with chunky necklaces, dangly earrings and denim jackets. Anything goes with the footwear from flip-flops to strappy sandals to high wedges or even boots.

Top Tip!

Once discovered, stick to the design of dress that is ideal for your body shape every time you buy a dress and you simply cannot go wrong. Doing this does not have to be boring though as there are many different variations of particular styles of dresses available, especially Teatro Dresses!