Wrap Dresses – Occasion dresses suitable for all ages.


hese type of dresses are ideal for all age groups and are suitable for all semi-formal or even formal occasions that are not specifically white tie formal. Wrap dresses are usually knee length which is a nice respectable length for a sophisticated glamorous look. What we love about classic wrap around dresses is that are incredibly kind to our figures, unlike many other dresses they do trick the eye and move the focus to around the sides of our bodies and not directly to the front, this could be very helpful to those who are little tummy conscious. Just like with Kimono Dresses, the clever design of these dresses is characterized by a gathering of fabric which gently smoothes around the torso and to a tied fastening just above the hip, sometimes a bow or gem embellishment completes the join. Attention moves directly to this point and nobody notices your tummy area, bonus!

"Wrap Dresses"They are available in many different designs and colors, and so finding one to suit you should not be a problem. Long sleeved dresses are fantastic for mature ladies because when you reach a certain age it is often seen as respectable to maybe cover those arms a little, but it’s not compulsory! However I think most mature ladies would rather cover their arms anyway. A long sleeve dress also reduce the need for over garments which are great as I think we would all agree that finding the right jacket to wear with your dress can sometimes be more difficult than finding the actual dress!

For younger women you could opt for bolder and brighter prints for a more youthful appearance. I would suggest going sleeveless too unless you are wearing a fabulous wrap dress to work, then a long sleeved would work for you also! Sleeveless wrap dresses can be sexy and cute; they grace the body beautifully for a comfortable demure approach whilst showcasing those sexy arms to add a little sex appeal.

Killer heals are an absolute must because they are usually to the knee and so elongating the legs will help create a taller and slimmer physique. There are many other ways that you can style a wrap dress though with the use of accessories. Delicate accessories will compliment the dress for a wedding or romantic meal out. Chunky accessories will help funk up your look, try chunky bangles and necklaces to spruce up a wrap around dress for a night out with the girls.

One of the great things we love about them is that they will easily take you through from season to season, during summer months you simply pop it on and go but when the weather turns colder you can transform this dress with the use of opaque tights or knee-high boots to make it more suitable.